‘Love After Lockup’: Lacey Pregnant with Shane’s Baby?

Love After Lockup couple Lacey and Shane Whitlow seem to be expecting. Lacey took to Instagram to share the news with WE tv watchers. And, the reactions among fans are definitely mixed. With the current installment of Love After Lockup wrapping up, there’s some big news for followers to talk about. What’s the latest?

Love After Lockup Update: Lacey Carrying Shane Whitlow’s Child?

On the current season of Love After Lockup, John Slater is still in the picture. And, Lacey is still in the middle of a love triangle. But, things are much different in real-time. Shane Whitlow and Lacey married in a beach ceremony recently. And, it’s clear which of her two lockup lovers she chose. It looks like the pair wasted no time in terms of getting busy and starting a family.

Love After Lockup celeb Lacey announced the news via Instagram. The update includes a photo of the happily married couple. But, what makes this update different is the caption. Lacey wrote “Daddy” with a heart. Shane Whitlow posted a corresponding update on his page with a different pic. He captioned it “Mommy” with a heart. Neither of them offered anything more than that. And, the lack of further details certainly has Love After Lockup followers talking about this latest baby bombshell.

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Love After Lockup: Lacey and Husband Shane Whitlow Now

Love After Lockup fans saw Shane Whitlow ring shopping for Lacey in the most recent installment of the show. And now, it looks like Lacey and Shane well on their way to building a life together. Lacey is a mother to several kids. Meanwhile, it looks like she will be adding to her brood. It’s unclear how far along she is. But, this will definitely be something to keep an eye on moving forward.

Some Love After Lockup viewers joked that she may have gotten pregnant while filming an explicit clip featuring the couple. Lacey is a cam model. And, it seems Lacey is definitely using the added exposure on TV to further her brand. Along with the usual route of offering Cameo videos, interested watchers can also pay for and subscribe to her explicit content.

Will They Make It?

Every Love After Lockup relationship has its challenges. And, many of them don’t end up working out. But, at least for now, it looks like Shane Whitlow and wife Lacey are in a good place.

With the current season of the popular WE tv show nearing its end, it’ll be interesting to see what happens with Shane and Lacey when the show is off the air. There are certain things cast members can’t talk about while a show is on the air. It’s possible WE tv followers will get more details on the pregnancy once the season wraps.

Lacey said she was “confused” in the most recent episode as she handed Shane back his ring. She said she had to figure things out before she could move forward with him. But, with a marriage in the books and a baby on the way, it’s clear Lacey is well on her way to building a future with the man she ultimately chose.

Don’t forget to tune in for the Love After Lockup season finale, Friday night on WE tv.

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