‘Life After Lockup’: Lacey Accuses Shane Whitlow of Abuse? Posts Graphic Pics

Life After Lockup‘s Lacey seems to be accusing Shane Whitlow of abuse. She posted graphic pics of bruises online. Although Lacey doesn’t name him directly she seems to imply that her felon husband Shane is responsible. A lot of drama went down on this week’s episode of the WEtv show. But, it looks like the real drama went down off-camera. What’s the latest on this situation?

Life After Lockup: Lacey Posts Pictures of Scratches and Bruises

Life After Lockup alum Lacey (Shane Whitlow’s wife) shared some graphic images with her followers. Lacey indicated that someone other than John Slater was violent toward her in their home. She posted a number of pics and seemed to indicate that it was Shane Whitlow. The pictures have since been removed.

The Life After Lockup cam model claims her abuser broke her door down. Meanwhile, she posted pics with scratch marks and bruises on her body. It’s not entirely clear what went down. But, if Shane Whitlow is responsible for leaving the marks on Lacey’s body, he may be in some major trouble. Especially considering his prior criminal history. For now, details are still coming to light.

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LAL: Did John Slater Get Between Lacey and Shane Whitlow?

John Slater is currently behind bars. But, he may be the catalyst for some of what went down between Lacey and hubby Shane Whitlow. In another now-deleted post, Lacey insinuated that Life After Lockup spouse Shane Whitlow put his hands on her. In addition, she did this while praising John Slater. She said John may have “addiction issues” but he’d never put his hands on her.

Meanwhile, she called John Slater her “bff” and said they’re “communicating” again. Lacey played both sides on her season of Love After Lockup. And, it looks like she may be running back to John after everything that just went down.

Perhaps Shane Whitlow saw what went down between Lacey and John in the most recent episode of Life After Lockup. Lacey was communicating with John behind Shane’s back. And, it looks like she may be going back to him in light of recent events. Interestingly, John Slater said it wouldn’t be long until Lacey came running back to him. Perhaps he was right in the end.

Lacey and Shane were supposed to be starting their lives together and leaving John Slater in the past. But, in light of everything that recently went down, that doesn’t seem to be the case for this Love After Lockup love triangle.

What Happens Now for the Love After Lockup Couple?

More details are coming out about the Life After Lockup love trio. If Lacey decides to press charges against husband Shane Whitlow, that could be a big deal given his criminal history.

Interestingly, WEtv cameras were there to capture Lacey getting physically violent with both men on Love After Lockup. But, based on her latest accusations, she claims that she did not put hands on anyone this time.

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