‘Life After Lockup’ Spoilers: Sarah Confronts Michael Simmons About Other Women – Will She Cut Him Off?

Life After Lockup spoilers show Sarah Simmons confronts Michael Simmons about the multiple women he juggles. These women send him money and are Michael’s main source of income. And, Sarah is done paying his bills. Meanwhile, it doesn’t look like Michael wants to change his ways.

Life After Lockup: Michael Simmons Juggling Several Women

Life After Lockup cast member Michael Simmons is back to his old ways this season on the WEtv show. He tries to make amends with Megan. But, he is still dishonest with her about what he’s doing. In addition, these women are his primary source of revenue. So, that may be another reason he keeps them around. Megan went through his phone in the most recent episode. But, things haven’t really hit the fan yet.

Michael Simmons confronted one of his best friends about kissing Megan. He wants exclusive access to her. But, he does this while knowingly siphoning money and time from other women. When this finally hits the fan will be worth watching on Life After Lockup.

Love After Lockup Update: Sarah Simmons Done with Michael’s Shenanigans?

Sarah Simmons tries to put some distance between herself and Michael on Love After Lockup. She started the divorce process and said she would stop covering his expenses. She went out for a girls’ night with her best friend and even locked lips with a man she met at a bar. Life After Lockup watchers wondered when Sarah would cut him loose and live her own life. And, it looks like she’s doing that this season.

But, at this point in Life After Lockup, Sarah Simmons can’t make a clean break just yet. She said previously that Michael Simmons didn’t sign the divorce papers. So, it will be worth watching to see when their divorce is final. In addition, if and when Sarah cuts him off is another thing to watch for.

Sarah “Can’t Control” Michael Simmons

Michael Simmons says in Life After Lockup spoilers that Sarah “can’t control” him. Even though she pays his bills, he doesn’t like the idea of her controlling him. Meanwhile, he hasn’t seen or talked to his kids in a while based on what was shown on the show. LALU teasers report Michael is on his way to see Sarah. And, with everything going on right now in their storyline, there’s sure to be drama for the former lovers.

Sarah Simmons says in Life After Lockup spoilers that Michael talking to all these women is a “problem”. But, it doesn’t look like he wants to hear anything she has to say. He still wants to do his own thing on Sarah’s dime – along with all the other women paying his way. It looks like Sarah confronts him again. So, it will be worth tuning in to see how things pan out on the next episode.

See a new episode of Life After Lockup, this Friday on WEtv.

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