‘Life After Lockup’ Spoilers: Sarah Simmons Locks Lips with Mystery Man

Life After Lockup spoilers show Michael Simmons‘ wife Sarah Simmons locking lips with a mystery man. Sarah is still dealing with drama from Michael and his cheating. But, it looks like she is moving on with someone new.

Life After Lockup Spoilers: Sarah Dealing with Michael Simmons

Sarah Simmons and Michael Simmons are no longer together. But, they’re still technically married on Life After Lockup. Sarah started the divorce process. But, at this point in their storyline, it’s not final. Meanwhile, even though the pair are no longer an item, they’re still tethered to one another in a number of ways. Sarah pays for things like Michael’s phone, car insurance, and health insurance.

Meanwhile, Life After Lockup spoilers Michael Simmons is up to his old tricks with multiple women. But, even though Michael and Sarah Simmons are still in each other’s lives, it seems she is more than happy to pass the torch to Megan this season and have her deal with some of the Michael Simmons drama. Sarah said in a recent episode that she would “manipulate the manipulator”.

Life After Lockup spoilers tease a tense scene out in public with Michael and estranged wife Sarah Simmons in the next episode. Sarah says in teasers someone is “calling the cops”. And, she tells him to get in her car. It’s not clear what goes down. But, it doesn’t look like she makes a clean break from him just yet.

LALU: Sarah Simmons Smooching Mystery Man

Life After Lockup spoilers reveal Sarah Simmons kissing a mystery man. Whether or not she moves on and finds someone else has been a big question among Life After Lockup watchers. Michael Simmons juggles multiple women on WEtv. So, seeing Sarah with someone else is a good sign that she is serious about moving forward. And, even though the divorce isn’t final yet, it looks like she does that.

Sarah Simmons revealed she filed the divorce papers. But, she also said Michael Simmons didn’t sign them. She saw a lawyer specializing in family court in the most recent episode of Life After Lockup. She wants to protect her kids and figure out what the custody situation is since the divorce is up in the air.

Interestingly, Michael Simmons told Megan’s father he’s “not sure” when asked about the status of his divorce. Did he not sign the divorce papers on purpose and lie to Megan’s dad?

Michael Simmons’ Ex Moving Forward on Life After Lockup?

With everything going on, it looks like Sarah Simmons is moving forward on Life After Lockup. She recently discovered Michael Simmons talks to other women and they send him money. Meanwhile, she said he hasn’t given her anything for his kids. She said she would stop paying for his phone and cancel his car and health insurance. On top of that, it seems she wants to tie up as many loose ends as possible.

Along with the changes she makes on Life After Lockup, Sarah made some big changes off-camera too. She recently debuted her new figure leading up to the LAL season premiere. And, she looks slimmer now than she did while filming.

Currently, the identity of the man she locks lips with is a mystery. And, Sarah is quiet online when WEtv watchers ask her about her love life. It’s likely she stays quiet while the current season airs. But, it’s worth watching this situation to see what she reveals down the line.

Catch the next installment of Life After Lockup on WEtv, Friday night.

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