‘Love After Lockup’: Michael Simmons Arrested for Child Neglect – Was it Sarah’s Kids?

Love After Lockup‘s Michael Simmons was arrested again. His latest charge came just days before the new WEtv spinoff season premieres. Were Sarah Simmons’ kids with him?

Love After Lockup: Michael Simmons Arrested Again

Love After Lockup star Michael Simmons was back behind bars in Florida on a recent charge. Police picked up Sarah Simmons’ estranged husband in Daytona Beach on Thursday, November 12. In addition, they charged him with third-degree child neglect – which is a felony. Police booked Michael at 8:05 pm on November 12. He posted a $2,500 bail and was out on November 13 (Friday morning). So, he spent two days in custody – including an overnight in jail.

According to the Florida statute under which Michael Simmons was charged, it encompasses a wide range – including abuse, aggravated abuse, and neglect of a child. Michael moved to the Miami area after he got together with Maria. Current records don’t reveal which child or children he was charged with neglecting – or if he had his girls with him at the time.

Love After Lockup: Michael Simmons

Love After Lockup: A Stronger Case for Sarah Simmons?

Love After Lockup mom Sarah Simmons getting and keeping custody of her children with Michael Simmons has been a major issue in their storyline. Michael shows up out of the blue a lot of the time. And Sarah went in on him for not being a consistent fixture in their lives.

As a result, Sarah Simmons didn’t want Michael to take their children – especially after he got together with Maria. She said she couldn’t trust her estranged husband with them. And she feared that he might run off with them, too. But whatever the outcome of Michael’s current charges is, it’ll likely only strengthen Sarah’s case moving forward.

At one point in the Love After Lockup spinoff, Sarah revealed she filed a petition with the courts for emergency temporary custody. And based on her testimony, a judge granted her full custody. Michael Simmons said he would do more to be in the lives of his girls. But with this recent charge against him, that may no longer be on the table.

Sarah was blindsided and confirmed that it was not any of her children that Michael was arrested for neglecting. She says she doesn’t know which other child of Michael’s it could have been.

Love After Lockup: Michael Simmons

More Trouble for WEtv Star

Meanwhile, even though he is currently out on bail, the Love After Lockup celeb isn’t in the clear just yet. He had his first court appearance on November 13 at 1:30 pm relating to this recent charge. In addition, a third degree felony conviction in the state of Florida comes with serious repercussions.

Love After Lockup alum Michael Simmons could face up to five years behind bars – in addition to a $5,000 fine. Moreover, given his criminal history, that could work against him as well when it’s time to face the music. Whether or not felons can stay out of trouble is a frequent topic among WEtv watchers. And based on Michael Simmons’ latest charge, it’s clear he hasn’t left his criminal ways behind.

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