‘Life after Lockup’: Michael Simmons Demands Custody During Divorce from Sarah

Life After Lockup star Michael Simmons refuses to sign his estranged wife Sarah’s divorce papers unless he gets 50/50 custody. On top of that, Sarah Simmons has a couple of bombs to drop on Michael when the four-part WEtv special airs soon.

Life After Lockup Spoilers: Michael Simmons Lies to Maria

Life After Lockup viewers may recall the huge fight Sarah Simmons and Maria got into at the hotel the last time Michael Simmons came to see the kids. Sarah made Michael choose between Maria and their children and it looked like chose Maria because they went back to Miami together. Ever since Michael has been staying in Miami with Maria. He and Sarah haven’t spoken much lately. And, according to Michael, it’s because Sarah doesn’t like Maria.

Now, Rayne’s first birthday party is coming up on Life After Lockup. Michael Simmons wants to attend and see his girls. But, it’s a tricky situation because he says things with Maria are a little crazy right now.

Maria is very jealous of Sarah, so Michael lies a lot to Maria. at one point he’s in the bathroom taking a shower when he’s actually talking to Sarah. In fact, he even goes as far as to turn the water on when Life After Lockup returns.

Michael Simmons says Sarah is making things difficult but it seems Maria is as well. On Life After Lockup, Sarah says she would kill to have Michael’s help as a dad. No doubt, she could have used his help over the years while Michael Simmons was in prison.

Sarah hopes Life After Lockup‘s Michael comes to the party she is throwing for her child’s sake. But, Maria is not welcome. Sarah wants to keep the drama down.

Love After Lockup: Michael Simmons

Sarah Simmons Moving on – Michael Needs to Prove Himself

When Life After Lockup is back, viewers will see that Sarah Simmons is in a new relationship. She has moved on and has a whole new life. It looks like her new boyfriend will be at Rayne’s birthday party. In an upcoming episode, Sarah and Michael come face-to-face and she tells him she’s in a relationship and that her new boyfriend is there. That may not go over too well with Michael Simmons.

Maybe, Michael Simmons will see how Sarah feels when he sees another man around his children. Perhaps, he will respect her wishes moving forward. Besides that, Michael Simmons will not sign divorce papers because he wants 50/50 custody of the kids.

But, Sarah is not about to let that happen on Life After Lockup. She is not about to give Michael an equal say in parenting decisions. Michael has made poor decisions in the past, so fans think Sarah should stick to her guns. Because they can’t agree on custody their divorce remains in limbo.

Sarah says he has done a lot of damage that he needs to correct. And, the only way to do that is to stay consistent in the girl’s lives. But, Michael Simmons says he won’t give up without a fight and that no woman will keep him from his kids. It’s unclear if he’s referring Sarah Simmons or Maria. But, maybe he will put his children first on the new season of Life After Lockup.

Love After Lockup: Sarah Simmons

Sarah Ready to Drop Bomb – Love After Lockup

Just ahead on Life After Lockup, Michael Simmons offers to spend time with the girls at Sarah’s house. But, she shuts that down fast. Remember, the last time he spent the night they wound up in bed together. And, they haven’t talked about it since. Now, she is adamant that can never happen again. However, they may need to confront what happened that night because it might have a lasting effect.

Soon, Sarah says she wants to talk to Michael because there is a chance she is pregnant, again, with his third baby. She admits that she should’ve made sure they used protection. But, she didn’t and it is what it is. Now, there may be another baby on the way and she is not sure how he will react.

So, things are sure to get intense between the two when Life After Lockup picks back up.

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