‘Life After Lockup’ Spoilers: Sarah Wants to Divorce Michael Simmons – Does She Go Through with It?

Life After Lockup spoilers reveal Sarah Simmons considers divorce from hubby Michael Simmons. Everything involving Megan has come to the surface on the WE tv show. And, it looks like things are past the point of no return for Sarah and her ex-convict husband. A question Sarah wants answered is who gets the kids if she divorces Michael. Teaser clips showcase more drama from this love triangle.

Life After Lockup: Sarah Simmons Divorcing Michael Simmons?

Life After Lockup watchers have seen Sarah Simmons pushed to her limit this season on the WE tv spinoff. Things got off to an explosive start when Megan went to meet Michael Simmons upon his release from prison. Sarah lost it when she found out Megan was there to meet him. Since that time, things have only gotten worse as the weeks have gone on. Now, it looks like there’s no going back for Michael Simmons and his baby mama.

When it comes to their relationship on camera, things get progressively worse with each passing week. Certainly, it looks like Sarah Simmons wants to explore her options if she ultimately decides to leave her ex-con lover. She said on social media a few months back that she’s more than capable of taking care of her kids on her own. Life After Lockup info says Sarah may be looking to do just that.

Life After Lockup: Is Michael Simmons in the Picture?

In the most recent episode of Life After Lockup, fans saw Sarah Simmons give birth to her youngest daughter. Whether or not Michael was going to be there for the birth of his child was up in the air. The bigger question is whether or not Michael will be involved in the lives of his children long term. If Sarah has her way and goes through with the divorce, Michael may not be a factor down the line.

One of the questions Sarah Simmons contends with is what Michael Simmons might do if she has full custody of her girls. She confronts the possibility of Michael Simmons running off with the kids. In the latest Life After Lockup teaser, Sarah admits it’s something her jailhouse hubby might do out of spite if she decides to go through with the divorce. So, she talks to a lawyer and gets the low down on her options.

Does Sarah File for Divorce?

The Life After Lockup preview clip ends on a cliffhanger with Sarah Simmons contemplating filing for divorce. Due to the fact that shows film in advance, in real time, Sarah Simmons already went through with the divorce – or decided to grant Michael yet another chance. Her Instagram is chock-full of selfies and pictures of her girls. But Michael isn’t present on her IG at all.

Could this hint that the reality cast member already divorced her jailhouse hubby? Since the conclusion of the second season of Love After Lockup, WE tv followers have wondered about the status of this love triangle and who was with whom. There’s no definitive answer right now. But, based on sneak peek clips and Sarah’s social media, it doesn’t look like she’s with Michael anymore.

It’s also possible WE tv is keeping things under wraps until the current season of the Love After Lockup spinoff airs. Certainly, this is something to keep an eye on moving forward. Catch all-new episodes Friday nights only on WE tv.

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