Love After Lockup: Sarah Fires Back – Did Michael Plot with Producers?

Love After Lockup viewers know that Michael and Sarah married in prison. This was before he ever got together with Megan. At this point in the current season, it’s getting more and more difficult for Michael to juggle the two women he strung along. This has been one of the biggest moments building over the course of the entire season. Now, Sarah is speaking out, and she has some choice words for Michael and LAL producers.

Love After Lockup: Michael Love Triangle

Throughout this season of Love After Lockup, Michael’s ongoing love triangle with Megan and Sarah has been a focal point of their storyline. Megan finally lost her virginity to Michael and they went on their first official date together. Meanwhile, Sarah didn’t know where he was and he didn’t answer his phone. Sarah had a meltdown back home while Michael and Megan were at Niagra Falls.

Megan commented in the latest episode that she and Michael are like a normal couple. Meanwhile, she doesn’t know that the other shoe is about to drop. In addition, Michael got a text on Love After Lockup allegedly from Sarah. The text said that his probation officer contacted her because he stayed out past his curfew. Based on what Sarah said, however, there’s definitely something that doesn’t add up.

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Love After Lockup: Sarah Rails Against Michael and Producers

In a series of tweets, Sarah fired back. She called out Michael and the producers for manufacturing their storyline for drama. Based on the tweet above, she never said anything about Michael’s probation officer. Further, she called him a “LIER” and said he used this as an excuse to break things off with Megan and put it all on Sarah.

In addition, Sarah went one step further. She claims that she never texted any of that, and that she’s completely over Love After Lockup. Another popular topic among fans is how much production gets involved as far as manufacturing drama is concerned. If what Sarah says is to be believed, there may have definitely been some plotting going on. She added that this entire storyline about Michael’s parole officer is an example of production setting her up.

Sarah ended her Love After Lockup response with a final word. She insinuated once again that Michael and production worked together to drum up this entire story angle. How much scheming went on behind the scenes is unknown, but if Sarah is telling the truth, this certainly thickens the plot considerably.

What Happens Next?

Sarah said that viewers will get to see her find out about Michael’s double-dealing on the show. At this point in the season the two women still have no idea that they’re being played by Michael. The entire season has been building up to this point in their storyline, so it will be interesting to finally see it all come to a head after weeks of hinting and teasing. At the moment it’s unclear whether Megan or Sarah are still with Michael. Perhaps Love After Lockup watchers will get a final word on this love triangle once their storyline wraps on-air.

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