‘Love After Lockup’ Spoilers: Megan And Sarah Sit Down One-On-One

Love After Lockup spoilers say Megan and Sarah finally meet in person after learning felon Michael was seeing them simultaneously. Also, Brittany thinks her ex-girlfriend Amanda is in denial about her impending marriage to Marcelino.

Plus, Caitlin is unhappy with Matt Frasier’s behavior but his mother fears he’ll dump his GF if she holds on too tight. Meanwhile, Scott proposes to Lizzie but it’s unclear if she’s ready to say yes. Here’s what to look forward to next on LAL. 

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Megan And Sarah Face to Face

On Love After Lockup, Michael’s wife Sarah and his fiancee Megan finally come face to face. Michael has been reluctant to tell Sarah that he wants to be with Megan for fear that she will take his daughter away from him. Michael says he doesn’t want to be a player but the reality is that he is stringing both women along.

Certainly, both Megan and Sarah will hit the roof when they find out that Michael lied to them. Megan will probably take it especially hard seeing as she just lost her virginity to him. However, Sarah has been through thick and thin with Michael and it doesn’t look like she will give up without a fight. What will happen when these two women finally meet? It is sure to be extremely intense.

Love After Lockup: Matt Frasier Out Of Control

LAL spoilers report that Matt Frasier is back to his old ways, as expected. Matt’s mother cautioned Caitlin that this would happen but Caitlin hoped that she would be incentive enough for Matt to change. Matt has been there for her through hard times, but he has a habit of repeating past mistakes.

According to Lover After Lockup spoilers, it looks like things are headed in the wrong direction as Matt gets in some trouble with the law. Caitlin is terrified of Matt Frasier going back to prison but worries that she will lose him anyway if she pushes too hard.

Will Lizzie Marry Scott On LAL?

Love After Lockup info says Scott will propose to Lizzie but will she say yes? Lizzie’s daughter Jazmyn has made it clear that she doesn’t approve of Scott. Because she thinks her mother is only using him for his money.

Jazmyn believes that Scott is an enabler and a bad influence on Lizzie. Because she hasn’t seen her daughter in a decade, having a relationship with her daughter is very important to her. Also, Lizzie has made it clear that she has no intentions of getting intimate with Scott.

Scott’s in Debt – Others May Be Heading Back to Prison

Love After Lockup ex-convict Lizzie has blown through Scott’s money so much that he is now in debt. So, it is a good possibility that she is only in it for the money. With his cash gone, will she say yes to Scott’s proposal?

Things are getting more intense and dramatic by the minute as the couples face obstacles that could potentially destroy their relationships – including possible new criminal charges. It will be interesting to see what lies ahead for the LAL couples.

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