‘Love After Lockup’: Matt Frasier Back Behind Bars – Caitlin Devastated?

Love After Lockup news reports Matt FrasierCaitlin Gainer‘s boyfriend, has been arrested and is back behind bars. The police picked the WeTV LAL star up on Thursday January 3 in Washington. He is charged with possession of a stolen vehicle.

Love After Lockup – Matt Frasier & Caitlin Gainer

Caitlin Gainer and Matt were together for six months before Matt Frasier returned home from prison. The relationship had consisted of telephone calls and meetings in the prison visiting room. However, the couple shared a hot and heavy reunion in the forest with the camera crew nearby. They moved in with Matt’s mother which added stress to the already complicated situation.

Nonetheless, Matt Frasier proposed and Caitlin Gainer said yes. However, Caitlin had several concerns about walking down the aisle with Matt. Love After Lockup spoilers have shown Matt drinking causing Caitlin to feel very upset. Matt has expressed a nonchalant attitude about the possibility of returning to prison.

Matt Frasier’s Recent Troubles

Starcasm reports Matt’s latest legal trouble actually all started Friday December 28 when Matt rear ended another driver while using Caitlin Gainer’s car. Matt Frasier’s driver license is under suspension and that was a violation. He went to court on Wednesday Jan 2 to address the accident.

It seems the most recent stolen vehicle charge could be related to the use of Caitlin’s car. Matt is now in the Thurston County Correction Facility and bail has not yet been set. It is possible these charges will be enough to revoke Matt’s parole and send him back to prison for a significant amount of time.


LAL – Matt And Caitlin’s Future In Limbo

Only time will tell what Matt’s recent legal trouble will mean for Caitlin and Matt’s future. There is now no information to show Matt Frasier has returned to using meth. However, Caitlin Gainer has said if Matt returned to drugs OR prison it would be a deal breaker.

This couple at first seemed to be a good match. Then things fell apart for the Love After Lockup couple. They have since broken up and Matt is with a new girlfriend. Tune in Fridays to WEtv to see where their love leads.

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