‘Love After Lockup’ Spoilers: Michael Juggles Sarah and Megan While Other Couples Struggle


Love After Lockup spoilers report Michael is busy keeping both Sarah and Megan happy. Marcelino has a shock when he meets Brittany’s old cellmate and Caitlin and Matt’s relationship hits a bump in the road. The show airs on Fridays at 9/8 C on WE TV.

Love After Lockup – Megan and Michael and Sarah

Megan had an unpleasant surprise when Michael told her he didn’t want her to pick him up when he was finally a free man. She is quite upset. However, after some fancy talking Megan seemed to forgive this slight. Michael promised a big surprise and Megan took the bait.

Surpised, LAL viewers learn Michael and Sarah got married while he was in prison. All the while Michael was promising to marry Megan he was already married to Sarah. It seems Michael will work to keep both women happy but his secret could come out soon.

Marcelino and Brittany

Marcelino and Brittany shared a happy time together for the first time outside of a prison visiting room. Once released the couple checks into a hotel and take a shower together. However, once they head to dinner Marcelino and Brittany have their first fight and it’s a big one.

In episode 5, the couple make up and head out to meet up with Brittany’s recently released ex-cellmate. Brittany is a little too close to this woman and Marcelino gets angry once again. Recent rumors indicate this Love After Lockup couple got married at the end of 2018. They must have overcome this latest obstacle in their relationship.

LAL – Caitlin and Matt

Caitlin and Matt shared a hot and heavy reunion. Mike proposed and Caitlin said yes. However, Caitlin has several concerns about walking down the aisle with Matt. In episode 5, the two move in with Matt’s mother.

Previews show Matt drinking and Caitlin leaving a restaurant very upset. Viewers noticed the nonchalant way Matt talking about returning to prison. It seems Caitlin is right to have concern that Matt doesn’t have what it takes to stay on the right side of the law.

Love After Lockup – Scott and Lizzie

Scott and Lizzie had their first argument almost immediately after Lizzie returned from prison. They couple will make up in the Season 2 Episode 5 airing. Lizzie will even give Scott a makeover on-screen. Love After Lockup fans will see Scott without his beard and long hair. He cleans up nicely. Some might even call him handsome.

Will his new look make the bad news that he is broke easier for Lizzie to take? Only time will tell if this couple can make it for the long haul. However, recent posts on Lizzie’s Twitter account include holiday wishes from the couple. It seems the couple spent Christmas and New Year’s together.

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