‘Love after Lockup’: Sarah & Michael’s Court Date Approaches – Will Michael Give Sarah a Divorce?

Love After Lockup spoilers see Sarah Simmons is off to court soon, hoping to divorce Michael Simmons finally. However, Michael may have other ideas, and it could cause more problems for Sarah on WEtv’s Life After Lockup.  

Love After Lockup: Sarah Simmons Eager for a Divorce

On the next Life After Lockup, Sarah Simmons readies for her divorce hearing with Michael Simmons. Currently, Sarah wants nothing more than to divorce Michael and put their drama behind her. Of course, she wants him to be a present dad to their children. But, she’s eager to break all ties to their past relationship.

And she wants to move forward with her man Malcolm Woolridge. No doubt, Sarah’s marriage seems to make Malcolm uneasy. So, Malcolm will likely feel more comfortable once Sarah’s divorce from Michael is final. However, Michael is still up to his womanizing ways. And that may cause complications for Sarah, tease Love After Lockup updates.

Michael Simmons on to the Next Girl

Last we saw on Life After Lockup, Michael Simmons was with his latest “lady friend” Haley. Clearly, she only knows what Michael tells her and thinks Sarah is unreasonable. Now, he is single, so he and Haley are taking a step beyond friendship. No doubt, it looks like Haley and Michael were heading back to his hotel room.

So, he may be so preoccupied with Haley that he could decide to blow off the court. Surely, Michael is going to do whatever he wants regardless of his marriage. So, it probably doesn’t matter to him one way or the other if they make the end of their marriage official or not. But, if he doesn’t show, Sarah Simmons may lose her new man Malcolm on Love After Lockup.

Malcolm may Bolt on Love After Lockup.

Soon, on Love After Lockup, Michael Simmons may cause Sarah Simmons to lose her boyfriend, Malcolm. Currently, Malcolm has doubts about Sarah and her estranged husband. Malcolm worries that his girlfriend is still emotionally invested in her ex. So, if she isn’t able to get a divorce, it could weaken their relationship.

Malcolm may choose to end things with Sarah Simmons for fear of getting hurt down the road. Deep down, he believes she still loves Michael Simmons. And those feelings may only intensify if her baby daddy refuses to let her go. So, be sure to catch the new Life After Lockup to see if Michael Simmons will give Sarah Simmons a divorce or be a no-show on the WEtv reality series.

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