‘Life After Lockup’: Sarah Simmons’ Boyfriend Malcolm a Paid Actor with Criminal Past?

Life After Lockup‘s Sarah Simmons introduces new man Malcolm Woolridge on the WEtv spinoff. And this sets the stage for drama with her estranged husband, Michael Simmons. But it seems there’s more to the story based on recent details.

Life After Lockup: Michael Simmons & Malcolm Meet

One of the biggest storylines right out of the gate on the new season of Life After Lockup is Michael Simmons meeting Sarah Simmons’ new boyfriend. Sarah said the plan was for them to meet before her daughter’s first birthday so things wouldn’t be awkward. But Michael didn’t show up until the day of the party – and avoided her new guy.

Following a verbal argument in the parking lot, Michael showed up at Sarah’s house unannounced to play with his daughters. Meanwhile, Malcolm Woolridge currently stays with Sarah at her place. And both men finally meet in the most recent Life After Lockup episode.

The conversation between the men is tense in new episodes. Meanwhile, Michael believes Sarah Simmons will leave anyone she is with if he makes a play. So, this sets up drama on the new Life After Lockup season.

Love After Lockup: Malcolm

Life After Lockup: Malcolm Woolridge’s Criminal Past

One of the reasons Sarah Simmons chooses Malcolm Woolridge on Life After Lockup is because he treats her differently than Michael Simmons. But based on his past, Malcolm may have more in common with Sarah’s felon baby daddy than most viewers realize.

Public records show that a Malcolm Woolridge was accused of fighting four officers in Allentown, Pennsylvania back in 2016 – including allegedly putting one in a headlock. Meanwhile, things got worse once he was in a holding cell. According to police, the suspect dropped cocaine on the holding cell floor while trying to get rid of it. The charges include:

  • Aggravated Assault
  • Simple Assault and Harassment
  • Resisting Arrest
  • Tampering with Evidence
  • Possession of Cocaine
  • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Life After Lockup: Malcolm Woolridge

Sarah Simmons’ New Beau a Paid Actor?

Life After Lockup personality Malcolm Woolridge lists himself as an actor. Meanwhile, his mother dished on her son’s “new project” at the beginning of October. Moreover, she used phrases like “rapper”, “singer”, and “actor” when talking about his new gig.

Is it possible Malcolm’s appearance on Life After Lockup is his latest acting gig? Probably not, because most people that are drawn to putting their life in front of reality camera are the same personality type drawn to acting. That is why so many wannabe actors are on reality TV.

But, it certainly seems like he uses his time on WEtv to land other gigs as well. There are definitely benefits for reality stars that want to go into modeling and acting.

WEtv plays up the love triangle angles on both Life After Lockup and the flagship franchise. Michael started it in the first season with Sarah Simmons and Megan Nash. And now, Sarah is the one in the middle with both Malcolm and Michael.

Sarah Simmons said she met Malcolm Woolridge online. And that the pair really hit it off. But how much of their connection is legitimate is a big question mark given Malcolm’s criminal past and career aspirations. Certainly, it’s possible Michael isn’t the only one with ulterior motives in new episodes – especially with the potential for future projects on the line.

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