‘Life After Lockup’: Sarah Moves in New Boyfriend – Michael Throws a Fit

Life After Lockup spoilers reveal that Sarah Simmons gets serious with her new man – and Michael Simmons isn’t happy about it. Reports for the upcoming spinoff season show things aren’t over yet for the estranged husband and wife.

Life After Lockup: Sarah Simmons Gets Serious with New Boyfriend Malcolm

WEtv introduced Malcolm to Life After Lockup watchers in recent episodes. Sarah Simmons said he drove hours each week to see her. And him doing that made her feel special. Meanwhile, things get serious for the pair in upcoming content. And Michael Simmons isn’t happy about it.

After all the drama Sarah Simmons dealt with from Michael on WEtv, many Life After Lockup watchers are glad to see her move on with a boyfriend. Malcolm and Sarah seem to hit it off.

Love After Lockup - Sarah - Malcolm - Life After Lockup


Malcolm was open to meeting Michael Simmons face to face before Rayne’s birthday party. But Michael showed up on the day of – with the party already in full swing.

Meanwhile, Life After Lockup spoilers show Sarah Simmons moved Malcolm into her house with her girls. So, they certainly take things to the next level. And, Michael shows up unannounced at Sarah’s house to see his girls. And spoilers show a face to face meeting between the men in Sarah’s life. So, there’s a lot of drama ahead with this situation.

Life After Lockup: Michael Simmons Sabotaging Sarah’s New Relationship?

In previous Life After Lockup spoilers, felon Michael Simmons said that Sarah Simmons would leave anyone she is with if he decides to “force the issue”. He didn’t like that there was another man at his daughter’s birthday party. And he didn’t take the news well when Sarah told him they’re together. This led to a shouting match between the exes in the parking lot.

At one point, Michael says in Life After Lockup teasers that he wants to “marry” her – even though they’re still technically married. Even though she moved on with a new guy, she was intimate with Michael in previous episodes. Whether or not she is done with him for good is a big question heading into new Life After Lockup content.

What to Expect from WEtv Pair

There’s been drama since the love triangle storyline with Megan Nash and Sarah on Love After Lockup. The husband and wife have a long history. And even though they both try to move on with their lives, something always seems to pull them back to each other.


Life After Lockup: Michael Simmons - Sarah Simmons

Moreover, Sarah Simmons says in Life After Lockup spoilers that they need to go to court and settle the custody situation before she can proceed with the divorce process. So, even if Sarah is done with Michael for good, there are still hurdles they need to get over to move on once and for all legally.

On top of that, Michael Simmons has a chip on his shoulder this time around. He is upset that Sarah brought a new man around their kids. Meanwhile, Sarah didn’t want Michael to have their girls if he had Maria around. And he calls out that “double standard” in Life After Lockup spoilers.

In Life After Lockup spoilers, Michael says that the only reason he is around is to see his kids. And according to him, nothing will “come between” that. In addition, whether or not Sarah Simmons learned her lesson with Michael Simmons is also an unknown in their current storyline. He sweet-talked his way back into her good graces in the past. But that may not work this time around.

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