‘Love after Lockup’ Spoilers: Sarah Comforts Michael Simmons – Major Breakthrough Ahead

Love After Lockup spoilers find Sarah Simmons in shock when estranged husband Michael Simmons makes a surprising confession. Also, someone hides a shocking secret, and there’s a major showdown ahead on the WEtv reality show. Check out what to expect on the next Life After Lockup.  

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Sarah Stunned by Michael Simmons’ Confession

Love After Lockup spoilers report Michael’s confession to Sarah Simmons could change everything. Soon, it seems Sarah and Michael have a breakthrough. Sarah wishes that Michael had come clean about this sooner.

So, what Michael confides may have a profound impact on their relationship. Sarah seems to warm up to Micheal quite a bit – she even hugs him. So, this may be a turning point for Sarah and Michael. Perhaps, Michael may have a health scare.

Or, he may suffer from depression. Whatever it is, it seems to make Sarah see him in a new light. This may very well be a new beginning for Michael and Sarah Simmons. Which could possibly be the end of her romance with Malcolm Woolridge on Love After Lockup.  

Brittany Dodd Santiago Fears the Worst

Coming up on Love After Lockup, Brittany Dodd Santiago worries that she might have pushed her mother, Cindy, too far when Cindy goes missing. On the next Life After Lockup, Brittany and her husband Marcelino Santiago hunt for her mother.

Brittany already has reason to worry about her mom’s well-being. Brittany recently confronted her mother, wanting to know if she tried to kill herself. It looks like Brittany is still worried that Cindy is suicidal, and she is desperate to find her on Love After Lockup. 

Love After Lockup: Andrea Edwards & Lamar Jackson Face-Off

The next Love After Lockup sees Andrea Edwards and husband Lamar Jackson going head-to-head. This may involve Lamar’s secret relationship with his daughter Shante. Andrea doesn’t want Lamar or her children to see Shante. However, she might be more upset that Lamar secretly took their daughter Priscilla to meet her.

Then, had Priscilla lie about it. Soon, it all comes to a head, and Lamar may not back down. Also, Amber Eggers hides a huge secret. Amber’s girlfriend Puppy admits she wants to get serious with Amber. But, Amber is still talking to Vince Gonzalez, and that may cause problems.

Elsewhere, Quaylon hatches a plan, so he may try to get Shavel Moore back. Also, Lindsey Downs refuses to accept Scott’s lies and tells him there’s a “new boss in the house.” Be sure not to miss the next episode this Friday to see Michael open up to Sarah Simmons on the WEtv reality spin-off.

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