‘Love after Lockup’: Brittany Creeped Out by Michael Simmons – Not as Hot as He Thinks

Love After Lockup‘s Michael Simmons considers himself to be a ladies man but former castmate Brittany Dodd Santiago says he’s anything but. Recently, she expressed just how she feels about Michael from their time on LALU.

Love After Lockup: Michael Simmons “Ladie’s Man”

It’s no surprise, Michael Simmons of Love After Lockup thinks he’s a player. Remember, when he came on the show both Sarah Simmons and Megan thought they were Michael’s one and only. Especially, Sarah because they had a child and they were already husband and wife. However, he was stringing them both along.

Then, when it came out that Sarah was pregnant with their second child Megan stuck by him. Then, Michael Simmons shocked everyone by adding another woman into the mix – Maria. Clearly, Michael thinks he’s the man and probably loves to get women to fight over him. But, Brittany has some harsh words of reality for the wannabe player of Love After Lockup.  

Love After Lockup: Michael Simmons

LALU: Brittany Dodd Santiago Not Buying It

Brittany Dodd Santiago of Love After Lockup doesn’t hold anything back when she describes what she thinks of Michael. Recently, she said “he’s so creepy” and that he creeps her out. No doubt, it looks like he gives her the heebie-jeebies. Simply put, she says he thinks he’s the sh*t. She goes on to say that he thinks he has swag.

And, that he’s so sexy, sensual, and charismatic. But, Brittany claims he’s not any of those things. It’s easy to see Michael thinks he can get away with juggling multiple women. But, Brittany sees through him, and chances are other ladies will too. So, hopefully, the Love After Lockup alum will change his ways someday.

Love After Lockup Special Before New Season Starts

In anticipation of the upcoming season, WEtv released two specials called Love After Lockup: True Confessions. This way, viewers get to see how their faves feel about other cast members amongst other things. No doubt, that is a treat for fans before fresh episodes of LALU return with a brand new cast and all-new drama. So, that’s sure to answer some questions fans may have and provide a few laughs along the way. Be sure to keep up with Brittany Dodd Santiago and Michael Simmons to see what’s next.

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