‘Love After Lockup’: Michael Simmons – Cast Members Say He’ll Cheat Again

Love After Lockup cast member Michael Simmons picks Maria on the season finale of Life After Lockup – but many stars think he’ll cheat again. Meanwhile, most viewers think Michael is incapable of settling down with just one woman. What did other stars say about Michael’s relationship with Maria?

Love After Lockup: Michael Simmons Chooses Maria – But for How Long?

Michael Simmons chose Maria at the end of Life After Lockup. But, with his history with women, many Love After Lockup fans question how long this relationship will last. Even though he’s with Maria, he slept with Sarah Simmons on the WEtv spinoff. And, Michael has a hard time staying faithful to one woman.

Michael Simmons juggled multiple women since his first Love After Lockup season. And, his two-timing ways are the focal point of his WEtv storyline. Meanwhile, this is in addition to all the women he talks to that send him money and support his lifestyle. And, it seems like it’s only a matter of time before Michael moves on to someone new.

Sarah and Other Cast Members Weigh In

Love After Lockup stars weigh in on Michael Simmons’ relationship with Maria – including his baby mama, Sarah Simmons. She called the father of her children a “narcissist”. And, she said Maria and Michael “complement each other really well”. Meanwhile, his previous side chick, Megan, said it’s only a matter of time before he “cheats again”.

Brittany Santiago said Maria should watch previous seasons on WEtv to see what Michael Simmons “is about”. Michael definitely has a pattern when it comes to women. And, if Maria watches those seasons back, she’ll surely see how he interacts with them.

Love After Lockup star Tony doesn’t believe Michael Simmons is capable of staying with just one woman. Tony speaks about his impulsive behavior on WEtv. And, he is open about cheating on girlfriends in the past. So, it certainly says something if a fellow cheater thinks he can’t commit to one woman without straying.

In addition, Andrea Edwards keeps her advice to Maria short and sweet. Lamar Jackson’s wife said she should “run” from the former felon. But, if Maria sticks around, Andrea said she deserves exactly what she’s about to get – alluding to him cheating on her at some point.

Life After Lockup: What’s Next for the Ex-Con Michael Simmons?

Michael Simmons sticks with Maria on Life After Lockup. But, whether or not they’re still together since filming wrapped is a question among LALU watchers.

Usually, once a season wraps, cast members talk openly about their relationship status. But, he is quiet when it comes to Maria. He shares updates with his kids. But, there’s nothing recent with his current lady love.

Meanwhile, he says in recent clips that he thinks he can be with one woman. But, his track record on Love After Lockup tells a different story. So, whether or not he sticks to his word with Maria is certainly worth watching.

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