‘Life After Lockup’: Michael Simmons Shares Tips to Get Through Self-Isolation

Life After Lockup alum Michael Simmons offered some quarantine strategies in a new video for WEtv watchers during the coronavirus threat and self-isolation. Many Life After Lockup viewers are self-isolating during this difficult time. And, no one is better equipped to deal with being on lockdown than former inmates. What did Michael Simmons reveal?

Life After Lockup: Michael Simmons Shares Quarantine Strategies

Michael Simmons told Life After Lockup followers that he was in jail for over five years. Michael was in and out of jail for a good portion of his life. And, he knows a thing or two about keeping busy while on lockdown. WEtv fans know Michael kept himself busy talking to multiple women. But, Sarah Simmons’ baby daddy shared some other helpful tips, too.

Michael Simmons said he had a lot of time to think while behind bars prior to Life After Lockup. In addition, he also wrote letters and worked out. He said it’s just you and a bathroom when you’re in the clink. So, he had to do a lot of things to keep himself busy. And, it seems Michael managed to do that while inside.

Life After Lockup: Michael Simmons

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Keeping your mind sharp while serving time is important. And, Michael Simmons did that while counting down the days. The Life After Lockup celeb added that he had a lot of time to “plot” and “strategize”. Another thing Michael kept in mind was that his time behind bars was temporary.

Life After Lockup cast member Michael  had a lot of time to think about his oldest daughter during his time in jail. But, one thing that makes this coronavirus quarantine different is many families are socially isolating together. So, unlike serving time in prison, most people have loved ones to rely on and help them get through.

More Advice from Life After Lockup Star Michael Simmons

Life After Lockup‘s Michael Simmons talked about how the coronavirus threat affects everyone. And, how “we” are going through it “together”. In addition, he applies one of his prison strategies to this situation, too. He reminded Life After Lockup fans that this situation is temporary and “never forever”.

Michael Simmons told his fans and followers not to panic during this tough time. And, he stressed the importance of staying close to family and relying on one another for support. Ending his message to fans, Michael reiterated that bad times are only temporary. And, he follows his own advice when it comes to this approach.

He broke things off with Megan in the Life After Lockup season finale. And, based on recent posts online, it seems he is serious about pursuing things with Maria. And, even after everything that went down, it looks like he keeps her close during this tough quarantine time.

Michael said he wants to put his past behind him and move forward with Maria. And, it looks like that’s exactly what he does.

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