‘Life After Lockup’: Michael Simmons Faces Up to All His Ladies in Season Finale

Life After Lockup spoilers for the season finale show things boil over for Michael Simmons and all the women in his life – including Sarah Simmons, Megan, and Maria. Michael juggling multiple women is the focal point of his story since Love After Lockup. And, teasers show things come to a head.

Life After Lockup Spoilers: Michael Simmons Confronted by Multiple Women

Life After Lockup spoilers report things come to a head for Michael Simmons and the ladies he juggles. Followers met Maria on the current season of the show. And, already, Michael Simmons keeps secrets from her. Meanwhile, there are lingering issues with Sarah Simmons and Megan as well.

There’s an explosive confrontation at the hotel between Maria and Sarah Simmons in the previous Life After Lockup. Maria wants to throw hands with Sarah Simmons and defend her man. Meanwhile, at this point in the season, Maria doesn’t know Michael and Sarah spent the night together and had sex.

LALU: Michael Comes Clean to Megan

Life After Lockup spoilers reveal Michael Simmons comes clean to Megan in the season finale. He put Megan on the back-burner this season and focused most of his attention on Maria. But, Megan is still a loose end for the former felon. She told him to stop talking to other women if he wants to be with her.

Interestingly, Megan is in the same position Sarah was in on Love After Lockup in a lot of ways. Megan was the woman Michael cheated on Sarah with. And now, Michael does the same thing to her with Maria. Michael Simmons and Megan are no longer together. So, it’s possible she kicks him to the curb in the Life After Lockup season finale.

Will the Truth Come Out on Life After Lockup?

There’s a lot going on in this Life After Lockup storyline heading into the final episode of the season. At this point in the show, Maria still doesn’t know Michael Simmons and Sarah Simmons slept together. So, if that secret comes out in the upcoming episode, that’ll bring a lot of drama.

Interestingly, in a now-deleted post online, Maria threw shade at Sarah Simmons. Maria said she doesn’t deserve the girls. And, she said she hopes they don’t follow in her footsteps. Based on that, it’s clear Maria still holds a grudge against Sarah Simmons.

Michael Simmons juggling several women at one time is a focal point of his WEtv story. And, it looks like things stay the same this time around as well. Michael hasn’t faced any major consequences for his two-timing ways up to this point. But, even so, it will be interesting to see what hits the fan when the next episode of Life After Lockup airs.

In addition, most cast members are quiet throughout the season due to signing non-disclosure agreements. So, it’s worth watching to see what tea spills after the season wraps.

Catch the final Life After Lockup episode of the season, Friday night on WEtv.

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