‘Love after Lockup’: Dirty Secrets Revealed – Marcelino’s Lies and More Dirt

Love After Lockup stars Brittany Dodd Santiago and her husband Marcelino Santiago are going strong. However, an upcoming special from WEtv reveals he keeps a lot from her. Plus, more secrets are spilled in the second installment of Love After Lockup: True Confessions. Now, check out what LALU cast members and their loved ones have to say about all your faves.

Love After Lockup: Marcelino Santiago Keeps Brittany Dodd Santiago in the Dark

Love After Lockup fan-faves Brittany Dodd Santiago and hubby Marcelino Santiago seem to be in a great place. However, they are not without their problems. Of course, many fans may recall Marcelino didn’t tell Brittany when he was seeking help for his professional poker career. Instead, he said he was going somewhere else.

Of course, Brittany assumed the worst and was livid that he lied to her. Afterward, they agreed to always be honest. However, her ex-girlfriend Amanda says Marcelino Santiago doesn’t tell her half the sh*t he does. No doubt, she will dish a lot more dirt on Brittany and Marcelino on the next Love After Lockup special.

Love After Lockup: Brittany Dodd Santiago

LALU: Lamar and Andrea Get Lethal

Love After Lockup spoilers show a secret gets out Lamar Jackson’s wife Andrea Edwards. Soon, Lamar and a family member or friend say at one point shots were fired. Then, they saw that Andrea had a gun in a holster. No doubt, many people think this couple is toxic. However, that brings it to a whole new level.

Perhaps, more will come out about that situation. Also, someone speaks out about Angela Gail. Apparently, when she is angry, stay out of her way. The source says she ran over a former boyfriend and knocked him off of a bike. Clearly, her ex Tony knows Angela doesn’t take any nonsense on Love After Lockup.  

Love After Lockup: Megan Spills the Beans – Dirt on Michael and Sarah?

On the Love After Lockup special, Megan lets the cat out of the bag about something. And, it may involve the love triangle between Michael Simmons, Sarah Simmons, and Maria. No doubt, it was a wild scenario when Sarah confronted the couple at their hotel. So, some more light may be shed on that soon. Also, more comes out about Lacey’s abusive tendencies.

Remember, she once slapped John Slater across the face in public. So, it looks like a ton of secrets are about to explode and fans get to learn more about the LALU stars. Don’t miss Love After Lockup and follow along with Marcelino Santiago and wife Brittany Dodd Santiago.

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