‘Love After Lockup’ Exclusive: Marcelino Santiago Dishes on Life with Brittany and Baby

Love After Lockup‘s Marcelino Santiago recently chatted with Pod After Lockup about wife Brittany Santiago. The former model dished on his life before Brittany and talked about where things are at now in a recent interview. With the Life After Lockup spinoff set to premiere, what behind the scenes details did Brittany’s hubby spill? The LAL-centric podcast shared exclusively with Soap Dirt what they chatted about. Here’s what you need to know and how to listen for yourself.

Love After Lockup: Brittany and Marcelino Santiago Update

Marcelino Santiago spilled the tea on the Love After Lockup podcast to hosts Caitlin Ruppert and Shannon Lee on their show Pod After Lockup. Marcelino revealed that things are going well with wife Brittany. So much so that the pair recently bought a house together. In addition, Love After Lockup watchers know the pair recently revealed their youngest daughter to the world.

Marcelino Santiago talked about what it means to him to have a family to protect. Interestingly, Brittany’s hubby dished that a friend turned him on to dating a convict. He said he wanted to get to know someone on a “deeper level”. And, dating an inmate allowed him to do that.

Love After Lockup: Marcelino Dishes on How He Appears on Camera

Love After Lockup viewers railed against the former model for what they saw as controlling behavior. Marcelino Santiago said he’s not that way with Brittany Santiago at all. Moreover, he told producers he didn’t want to look like an “a**h***”. You’ll be able to listen to the whole podcast here of Pod After Lockup.

Marclino Santiago told the hosts when it comes to wife Brittany Santiago, he comes from a “place of love”. In addition, he said the negative fan reactions made him take a closer look at the things he was doing. His portrayal on television opened his eyes to things he didn’t realize he needed to work on.

Marcelino appeared to be controlling on television. And yet, he is a loving family man off-camera. This seems to highlight the difference between what is seen in the show and how things actually are.

The Poker player admitted that there are elements to the franchise and the upcoming spinoff Life After Lockup that are “extra” in terms of cameras being in cast members’ faces. And, the production team bombarding them with a lot of questions. But, Marcelino said what Love After Lockup fans ultimately see is reality-based.

Continuing the Journey

It looks like Marcelino and baby mama Brittany Santiago have both come a long way since their time on Love After Lockup. Brittany recently shared photos of their daughter Zolia from the one month anniversary of her birth.

Marcelino admitted that he’s giving it his all when it comes to spouse Brittany Santiago, daughter Zolia, and his family. He also said he left his life as a model behind in Los Angeles because he wanted something real. It certainly seems like he found that with Brittany Santiago.

In addition, he hinted at what viewers can expect on Life After Lockup. He said Brittany’s friend Sascha is back in jail. And, that viewers will get to see elements of how all that went down.

In short, it seems Marcelino is enjoying being a family man. It’ll be interesting to peek into their lives once more on this season of Life After Lockup.

Catch the premiere of Life After Lockup Friday, June 14 at 9:00 only on WE TV.

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