‘Love After Lockup’: Brittany Dodd and Marcelino Santiago – Where Are They Now?

Love After Lockup husband and wife Marcelino Santiago and Brittany Dodd Santiago dished on what they’ve been up to since filming for WEtv. Meanwhile, Brittany talked about her new book and her future plans. What did they reveal?

Love After Lockup: Brittany Dodd Santiago & Marcelino Santiago Talk Life Since Filming

Marcelino Santiago and wife Brittany Dodd Santiago are a favorite couple among Love After Lockup watchers. And, many viewers want to know what the pair have been up to since filming on the last season of Life After Lockup wrapped. Based on what Marcelino said, life has been “good” since then.

The Love After Lockup cast members have their hands full with their growing family. Meanwhile, they have a lot of other things going on as well. Marcelino said they did some “minor construction” on their house. So, it seems their home is expanding in more ways than one.

Love After Lockup: Marcelino Santiago - Brittany Dodd Santiago

LALU Ex-Con Promoting Her New Book

In addition to all of that, Love After Lockup former felon Brittany Dodd Santiago published her memoir, One Woman’s Journey: Surviving the Streets. Brittany talked about her writing process. And, she said writing and publishing her book was a “journey”.

Brittany said it forced her to put herself back in her past. And, she had to “re-live those moments”. Even though it was hard, she wanted to be as “deep, honest, and transparent as possible”. Moreover, Brittany Dodd Santiago wants to “help other people” by sharing her story.

Brittany’s book is available as both a physical copy and a digital one. And, for local Love After Lockup followers in Las Vegas, Marcelino Santiago’s wife has a book signing planned in September. So, that’s definitely something to look forward to for interested fans.

Love After Lockup: Brittany Dodd Santiago

Love After Lockup Update: Brittany Dodd & Marcelino Santiago – Where Are They Now?

Love After Lockup fans will see Brittany Dodd along with Marcelino Santiago in a limited WEtv quarantine series. Unlike typical WEtv productions, cast members film themselves at home this time around. So, it’s definitely a different look and feel.

Meanwhile, Brittany teamed up with a group of business partners. And, together, they plan to open an in-patient/out-patient facility in Las Vegas. Brittany said that while she was in jail, she organized a lot of support groups for fellow inmates. And, it looks like she wants to continue that with this new venture.

Love After Lockup celeb Brittany Dodd Santiago added that going to prison on two different occasions forced her to look “inward”. There were a lot of things she had to confront on the inside. And, she eventually did things like meditation and exercise to transform her mind and body. On top of that, she and Marcelino Santiago are in a good place in their marriage. And, it looks like she wants to use what she learned to help others.

Marcelino Santiago’s wife said the new facility will focus on much more than just helping people fresh out of prison. Things like re-entry into society, job training, education, homelessness, and mental health will all be areas of focus. It’s certainly an ambitious undertaking. And, it’s worth watching how things develop moving forward.

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