‘Love After Lockup’: Brittany’s Son Giovanni is So Big Now – See Now & Then Pics

Love After Lockup‘s Giovanni is all grown up now and mom Brittany Santiago shared recent pics of her son. You can see how much the young boy changed a lot since the first season of the show. She also had some touching words to share about him. What did the LALU mother reveal?

Love After Lockup: Brittany Dodd Santiago Gushes Over Giovanni – See How Big He Is

Love After Lockup watchers remember Giovanni from the WEtv show. A big part of Brittany’s storyline with Marcelino Santiago was getting full custody of him from her ex, Tito Santana. There was also the brawl between Tito and Marcelino Santiago surrounding the custody situation.

Brittany Dodd Santiago has full custody of her son now. And, based on the latest snaps, he grows fast. Giovanni even grew out his hair, too. Plus, he seems happy and healthy. The proud mom even said what a “cute kid” she has. She also included some interesting hashtags like “#loveofmylife” and “#momlifeisthebestlife”.

Love After Lockup: Giovanni


LALU: Brittany & Marcelino Santiago Raising Her Son

Who would be Giovanni’s full-time parent was an ongoing concern for a while among Love After Lockup viewers. Bio-dad Tito Santana raised Giovanni when Brittany Santiago was in jail. But, a lot changed since then. He lives with his mother and Marcelino – and has for a while now.

Tito failed a drug test. And, staying clean was part of the agreement he made with Brittany. Remember, Tito has a history of drug use and trouble with the law. For a time, it seemed like he might try to get his son back. But, Giovanni seems happy where he is. And, Marcelino really stepped up as a father figure in the young boy’s life.

Marcelino throwing down with Tito on Life After Lockup was a memorable scene in their WEtv storyline. But, since Brittany Dodd Santiago got full legal custody of Giovanni, they’ve moved on as a family without issues from the boy’s father lingering.

Love After Lockup: Brittany Santiago - Marcelino Santiago

What’s Next for the Love After Lockup Couple?

Brittany Santiago and hubby Marcelino Santiago are a fan-favorite couple among WEtv watchers. And, it won’t be long before they’re back on the air. Marcelino and his wife appear on a new Love After Lockup quarantine spinoff. And, unlike filming a regular season for WEtv, the couples film themselves this time around. So, that’s definitely something to watch when the new episodes air.

Meanwhile, Brittany Dodd Santiago is busy promoting her book, One Woman’s Journey: Surviving the Streets. Her memoir is available online or as a physical book. And, she keeps herself busy with that – along with taking care of her Love After Lockup family.

In addition, Brittany doesn’t let the current COVID-19 pandemic derail her plans. She has an upcoming book signing in Las Vegas in September for interested Love After Lockup followers. So, that’s certainly something to look forward to for anyone in the area.

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