‘Love After Lockup’ Spoilers: Brittany’s Mom Cynthia Dodd – Rehab or Bust?

Love After Lockup spoilers indicate Brittany Santiago’s mom, Cynthia Dodd, may be considering rehab. Brittany seems to think their relationship hinges on her mom’s cooperation. Plus, Kristianna Roth confronts her sister Terra. The season finale promises plenty of action, so tune in Friday at 9 pm ET/ 8 CT.

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Brittany Santiago’s Mom Headed to Therapy?

Spoilers for the season finale of Love After Lockup on WEtv indicate Brittany Dodd Santiago may be ready to cut Cynthia Dodd out of her life if she doesn’t get some help. Mom Cynthia has had problems with drugs and alcohol for years. Brittany recently convinced her mom to go to Alaska to address some old business.

Cynthia Dodd’s mom allegedly allowed “friends” to accost her daughter when she was younger. And that is what Cynthia said caused her to turn to narcotics. Love After Lockup celeb Brittany Santiago said she was abused as a child too, but got clean and dealt with it by facing it head-on. Brittany felt it would do Cynthia Dodd good to do the same.

So Brittany arranged for Cynthia to go back to Alaska and face her own mother. But, even after facing her fears and revisiting people and places that were hard for her, Cynthia Dodd still apparently needs help. Brittany Santiago of Love After Lockup says if her mom doesn’t go to a therapy program, it will mean the end of their relationship.

Love After Lockup: Cynthia

Cynthia Dodd Faces Her Fears

Love After Lockup celeb, Brittany Santiago, has gone above and beyond to have a bond with her mother. Brittany said she was 24 when she got out of prison, and she wanted a relationship with Cynthia Dodd. Brittany made an effort to face her demons. She dealt with her addiction and accepted all the bad things that happened to her.

So, when Cynthia Dodd reached her breaking point, Love After Lockup star Brittany Santiago felt the best thing to do would be to help Cynthia face her mother. But, Cynthia wasn’t completely on board with that plan. She agreed to go along but tried to put on the brakes when they arrived at Brittany’s grandmother’s house in Alaska.

Jackie, Cynthia Dodd’s mother, acknowledged the abuse Cynthia suffered. But then Jackie denied responsibility for being the cause of her addictions. Brittany Santiago, star of Love After Lockup, said Cynthia needs to realize that Jackie will never accept responsibility. Brittany thinks all Cynthia Dodd can do is move on with her life and stop letting it hold her back.

Love After Lockup: Kristianna Roth - Terra

Love After Lockup: Kristianna Roth Faces off with Terra

Love After Lockup star Kristianna Roth finally gets her chance to confront her sister Terra about flirting with John Miller. On the drive home from prison, Kristianna asked John whether Terra had been flirting with him. John told viewers previously he didn’t want Kristianna to find out about him and Terra.

John Miller denied Kristianna’s question. But when Kristianna got home, she learned John Miller and Terra were flirting with each other while she was in prison. Mom told Kristianna she could hear Terra and John through the vents. But she couldn’t say what exactly they were up to. The season finale spoiler indicates Kristianna sneaks out in the middle of the night to check things out on Love After Lockup.

After Kristianna Roth realizes how close Terra’s room was to John’s bed, she calls her sister and arranges to meet face to face. Kristianna point-blank asks if she’s been having sex with John. A different preview of Love After Lockup on WEtv shows Kristianna slapping Terra, saying, “What the h*ll?” Can the sisters overcome their jealousy, or will the relationship with John Miller tear them apart?

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