‘Love After Lockup’ Update: Sarah Simmons Responds to Michael Simmon’s Trash-Talk

Love After Lockup single mom Sarah Simmons speaks out on Michael Simmons‘ claims that she’s not over him and wants him back. Now, the strong mother of two has plenty to say and wants to shatter any rumors out there about what she wants. She says her kids are her priority and number one focus

Love After Lockup: Michael Simmons Thinks Sarah Simmons Wants Him Back

Michael Simmons toyed with Sarah Simmons from their first moment on LALU. And, now they’re bickering on Life After Lockup. He’s certain Sarah still loves him. So, that’s why he thinks she’s so “salty” about him bringing new girlfriend Maria to New York with him. Remember, it all hit the fan when he went to see the kids after months of being a Love After Lockup absent father.

Poor Aviahna was distraught after Sarah mentioned he might take her away. Then, Sarah Simmons flew off the handle when he said his new girl traveled with him. Of course, Michael Simmons took this as jealousy. So, Michael called her out and said she still wants him. Not only did she tell him he “ain’t sh*t” in the episode, but now, Sarah’s shutting down talk that she wants to be back with her Love After Lockup husband.

Love After Lockup: Michael Simmons

Sarah Simmons Responds – Done with Michael’s Drama

Sarah Simmons of Love After Lockup is not staying quiet about Michael Simmons’ latest comment. He thinks she’s angry that he’s got another girl. Instead, Sarah seems angry that he doesn’t put his kids first. She raged that he can’t even visit them without bringing a chick along. Remember, Sarah was civil to Michael around the kids. She didn’t get upset until she heard about Maria on Life After Lockup. 

Of course, that’s why Micheal Simmons thinks she’s jealous. But, Sarah says she wants him to think about his children instead of his latest girl. And, she doesn’t want him to bring the kids around other women. Then, her anger reached new heights on Life After Lockup when she said she smelled alcohol on his breath. On top of that, he called her a b*tch several times.

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So, Love After Lockup alum Sarah Simmons doesn’t seem mad about Maria. But she really hates that he thinks she wants him back. So, is Michael Simmons wrong and can’t see the real problem? Also, she says there’s no way she wants a man like him and she’s tired of him counter-parenting her. So, it looks like it’s Michael Simmons’ being selfish that ticks Sarah Simmons off. The Life After Lockup star says she doesn’t want him back.

Life Aftr Lockup: Sarah Simmons

Sarah Spells It Out – Done With Michael – Love After Lockup

It’s clear that Love After Lockup wife Sarah Simmons and husband Michael Simmons’ aren’t at a good place. And the day after the most recent episode aired, she spelled out what she thinks of him. She asked, “how in the flying f*ck would I want a man like that?” She said what made her mad was him saying to the Life After Lockup cameras that she still wants him.

No doubt, Michael Simmons may be confused because Sarah’s still covering costs for him like all the other women in his life. So, the big question is whether Sarah Simmons will cut off his phone and stop paying his expenses if she’s serious about being over him. Wait to see what happens in all-new episodes Friday nights on WEtv with Sarah Simmons and Michael Simmons.

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