Love After Lockup: Michael’s Wife Sarah Drops Insane Amount of Weight – Living Her Best Life

Love After Lockup star Sarah Simmons (Michael Simmons’ wife) has lost a lot of weight. She is now slender and fit and in the best shape of her life. Of course, she still struggles with her estranged husband Michael Simmons’ immature ways because he’s not there for the kids.

Still, Sarah from Life After Lockup stays strong for her girls and is taking great care of herself as well. Check out the before and after pics of Sarah below.

Love After Lockup: Sarah Simmons Loses Weight

Sarah Simmons of Love After Lockup has revamped herself from the inside out. Certainly, all she went through with Michael has made her a stronger woman who knows her worth. She’s grown a lot and is incredibly strong for her children. But, the Life After Lockup celeb is practicing some great self-care as well because she looks absolutely stunning these days.

Sarah Simmons has been seen losing weight steadily for quite some time. But, the Love After Lockup star’s recent stats show she lost a dramatic amount of weight over that time. Slow and steady really can lead to big results

Sarah Simmons has lost somewhere around 100 pounds. Now, that’s impressive! She says that it’s tough working out with two kids, but she squeezes it in as much as possible. And, boy is it showing. Surely, she looks to be in the best shape ever and its bound to be a slap in the face to Michael – which he deserves. Certainly, he hasn’t changed his ways. But, Love After Lockup’s Sarah Simmons has done nothing but change for the better since dumping him.

Life After Lockup: Sarah Simmons Life After Lockup: Sarah Simmons

Sarah Simmons Done With Michael – Doing What’s Best For Her and the Kiddos

Love After Lockup shows Sarah Simmons is still fed up with Michael’s actions. But, she puts on a good show for the kids – when he comes around. Of course, she hates the way he acts and that he’s never there for their beautiful girls. But, she’s turning that anger into ammo and focuses on her kids and herself.

Sarah gets a lot of support from her Love After Lockup fans. These days, she’s positive and working to make her life the best it can be. Besides that, she’s been seen kissing a mystery man. As of now, there’s not much to go on but she’s bravely putting herself out there again. Maybe, more will surface about the man she’s locking lips with. For now, she’s being the best mom she can and putting her kids first.

Sarah Simmons Wants More for Her Kids on Life After Lockup

Currently on Life After Lockup, Sarah is still struggling because Michael Simmons won’t step up as a father. Recently, she said he’s unpredictable so she doesn’t tell the kids when he’s supposed to come by in case he doesn’t show up.

On the latest episode of Life After Lockup, their oldest daughter Aviahna was distraught because she hasn’t seen her father in two months. Sadly, she thinks it’s because he doesn’t like her. Eventually, she came around but Sarah is still heartbroken for her daughter on Life After Lockup, because she knows Michael will ghost on them again. Then, Aviahna is going to be crushed and she’ll have to pick up the pieces.

Now, the Love After Lockup wife is also dealing with Michael having yet another woman in his life – new girlfriend Maria. Sarah claims to be over Michael but she wants him to be better for their kids.

However, it doesn’t look like Michael will ever change. Because, he’s still a stranger to the kids he shares with Sarah Simmons and he’s still stringing Megan along.

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