‘Life After Lockup’: Sarah Simmons Pregnant Again with Michael’s Baby?

Life After Lockup spoilers say Sarah Simmons could be pregnant with another one of Michael Simmons’ babies. The four-part quarantine special nears its premiere. And, there’s a lot of lingering drama between Michael and his baby mama in upcoming episodes.

Life After Lockup Spoilers: Sarah Simmons Pregnant with Baby #3?

Life After Lockup spoilers say Sarah Simmons could be pregnant again with another one of Michael Simmons’ children. And, this would be baby number three for the young mother. Michael’s second daughter was conceived during a brief reconciliation for the estranged pair. And, it’s not a stretch to think that could happen again.

This is especially true given recent Life After Lockup events as well. Even though Michael Simmons was with Maria during the last season of the WEtv spinoff, Sarah Simmons revealed the pair slept together. Sarah saw nothing wrong with this since Michael is still technically her husband. But, is another baby the result?

Love After Lockup: Sarah Simmons

LAL: Michael Simmons a Father Again?

Even though Michael Simmons has two daughters, he hasn’t always been in their lives. He often disappears. And, Sarah Simmons didn’t like the fact that he’d drop in whenever he felt like it before leaving again. Meanwhile, at one point, he tried to keep his relationship with Sarah going so he could see his children.

How active Michael Simmons is in their lives is a frequent topic among Life After Lockup followers. Sarah said recently that he doesn’t pay child support. And, that’s never been something he’s legally had to do. This was surprising to some since the reveal that multiple women sent Michael money regularly. Even at that time, whether or not any of that revenue went to his girls was a big question mark.

Meanwhile, another frequent topic is whether or not Sarah and her convict baby daddy are still an item. Maria said a few months back that the pair got back together. But, when a fan asked Sarah Simmons if she’s over Michael Simmons, all she said was that there’s “light at the end of the tunnel”. So, it looks like watchers will have to tune in to the new content to see what happens.

What to Expect from Life After Lockup Pair

Michael Simmons and Sarah Simmons have been a big draw for WEtv since the first season of Love After Lockup. And, it makes sense for the network to bring them back for more content. Meanwhile, with a new season of LAL on the air, this four-part spinoff series gives viewers a chance to catch up with all their old favorites.

Since the previous season of Life After Lockup, Sarah keeps herself busy with fitness. She dropped a lot of weight and looks a lot healthier now. Fans asked her recently about baby number three. And, all she said was to “wait” on it. Some suspect she wasn’t pregnant given her slim figure now. But it’s also possible she keeps another child hidden and decided to drop the baby weight.

Either way, Life After Lockup spoilers tease a lot of drama for this estranged pair. And, it’s more than enough to keep fans tuning in when the special quarantine limited series comes on.

Catch the season premiere of Life After Lockup, Friday, September 11 at 9 pm only on WEtv.

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