‘Life After Lockup’: Michael Simmons Gal Pal Dishes Dirt on Him and Sarah – Calls His Ladies ‘Soft’

Life After Lockup‘s Michael Simmons juggles multiple love interests on the WEtv show – and one of his lady friends recently spoke out with some boiling hot tea. The woman in question came forth with some incendiary accusations in a recent live video. What did she allege about Michael, Sarah Simmons, and Maria?

Life After Lockup Update: Michael Simmons’ Lady Friend Dishes on His Behavior

A woman claiming to be close to Life After Lockup ex-con Michael Simmons recently exposed some of his alleged secrets. The woman claims Michael’s mother and her mother are best friends. So, this seems to be a scoop from an insider perspective. And, the woman dished on some of Michael’s behavior – including the way he juggles multiple women.

Life After Lockup viewers see Michael Simmons juggle multiple women on WEtv. And, according to the tea-spiller, the women he goes after are “too soft”. But, according to her, that’s exactly the kind of women Michael goes after. His lady friend said he will manipulate you if you “let him”.

Life After Lockup: Michael Simmons

LALU: The Real Reason Michael Simmons Married Sarah?

The source also threw shade at Sarah Simmons. And, had some incendiary things to say about Michael Simmons’ baby mama, too. She said Sarah manipulates Michael and uses his kids as leverage against him. From the very first season of Love After Lockup, Michael said he would keep Sarah around to stay in the lives of his kids.

Meanwhile, the tea-spiller said Sarah messed around with one of Michael’s friends. And, that’s allegedly why he wanted to break things off with his wife. The woman added that Sarah allegedly called his parole officer and got him locked up as payback.

Moreover, allegedly, Michael Simmons marrying Sarah Simmons was a “financial thing”. So, it looks like he may have only agreed to marry his baby mama for money reasons. WEtv watchers know several women send him money. So, there could be some truth to the claims.

Life After Lockup: Michael Still with Maria?

One of the ongoing questions surrounding Michael Simmons is who he currently sees. The ex-con juggles multiple women regularly. And, it’s hard for viewers to keep track sometimes.

Life After Lockup watchers saw Michael with Maria during the season finale. But, based on the latest tea, that may no longer be the case. His gal pal said he and Maria are no longer an item.

Sarah Simmons Seeing Someone New?

Based on the latest tea, it looks like Michael Simmons isn’t the only one playing the field. The source said Sarah Simmons also has a new man in her life. Life After Lockup fans saw Sarah lock lips with a man she met at a bar on the WEtv spinoff. But, if the latest claims are true, she may already be in a relationship with someone new.

Sarah focuses on herself and her two girls. And, she recently revealed a brand new hairstyle. This is in addition to all the weight she dropped since filming Life After Lockup. Some viewers suspect she made all these changes to land a new man. And, if these latest claims are true, that may be the case.

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