‘Love After Lockup’: Megan Pregnant with Michael Simmons’ Baby – Confirms Miscarriage and Split

Love After Lockup cast member Megan Nash revealed she was pregnant with Michael Simmons‘ baby. The WEtv cast member spilled tea about Michael and says that she had a miscarriage.

Love After Lockup: Megan Nash Reveals She is Single

One of the biggest questions Love After Lockup fans want answers to is whether or not Megan Nash is currently with Michael Simmons. She is still with Michael Simmons in the current installments airing on TLC (which is pre-recorded). Most Life After Lockup cast members are tight-lipped while the season airs. But, Megan spilled tea on her relationship status.

Megan Nash said she is no longer with Michael Simmons and has blocked his number as well. As things stand now, Megan said they’re “not in contact”. So, it looks like she followed through on kicking the former felon to the curb. The Love After Lockup star said she is having fun by herself and doesn’t seem to want to get into another relationship anytime soon.

Megan Nash Pregnant – Michael Simmons the Father

In a recent video selfie with a friend, Megan Nash said she was pregnant and carried Michael Simmons’ child at one point. She went on to say she had a miscarriage. But, that’s another bombshell for Love After Lockup watchers. Life After Lockup season teasers show a pregnancy test in the trash. And, the sneak peeks make it seem like Megan is the one that takes it. Sharp Entertainment is known for their clever editing to maximize drama. But, if it’s true Megan was pregnant with Michael’s baby, then it could be her test after all.

Life After Lockup: Megan - Michael Simmons

Megan Nash said she was “pregnant at the time” she found out Michael was married on Love After Lockup. Megan said she didn’t leave Michael when she found out he was married was because she was pregnant. Some viewers question the timeline. But, this definitely puts things into perspective regarding the sequence of events if true. She later revealed she lost the child.

What’s Next for Megan on Life After Lockup?

Now that the cat’s out of the bag Megan Nash has kicked Michael Simmons to the curb, many wonder what she will do next. Some fans think she will hook-up with Michael’s friend Roc. But, Megan said Roc pulls the same type of things Michael does. The Love After Lockup celeb also said she was never intimate with Roc.

For now, it looks like Megan is living her best life as a single person. And, she doesn’t seem to be in any rush to be in another relationship.

Megan said she is “good” by herself. And, doesn’t seem to be looking for a man. Meanwhile, she said she’s not the same person she was with Michael Simmons. So, it looks like she learned from her past mistakes. Fans want to see what she does next now that she is single and enjoying her life away from all the Michael Simmons drama.

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