‘Life After Lockup’: Sarah Simmons Rages at Michael Over Skipping Daddy Duty

Life After Lockup spoilers reveal Sarah Simmons reaches her breaking point with Michael Simmons. Even though Sarah has moved on with a new man, there’s still a lot of baggage. Especially with custody of their girls. So, Michael being an absent father pushes his wife to her limit.

Life After Lockup Update: Sarah Simmons Driven to Tears

Life After Lockup spoilers report Sarah Simmons in tears. And, it has everything to do with where things are currently with Michael Simmons. Sarah says she is a mom “all the time”. In addition, with Michael in and out of the lives of his daughters, Sarah says she is “tired”.

Even though Sarah was intimate with her husband in previous Life After Lockup content, it looks like the pair are over for good. Michael says in Life After Lockup teasers that Sarah “doesn’t care” if he goes back to jail. And, they still deal with a lot of baggage in upcoming episodes.

Life After Lockup Spoilers: Sarah Finally Done with Michael Simmons?

Life After Lockup spoilers show Sarah Simmons blows up at her felon husband. She rails against him because she always goes “the extra length” when it comes to her girls and taking care of their needs. Meanwhile, Michael Simmons doesn’t “show up” in their lives the way that he should as their father.

She says in Life After Lockup teaser clips that she’s “done”. And, even though this isn’t the first time she said this when it comes to Michael Simmons’ antics, it looks like it may be the last. Sarah put up with a lot from her convict husband since their first season of Love After Lockup. And, based on the latest teaser clips, it looks like she finally reaches her limit.

Life After Lockup: Michael Simmons - Sarah Simmons

WEtv Mom Not in the Clear Yet

Even though Sarah Simmons tries to put distance between herself and Michael Simmons this season on Life After Lockup, it’s clear they are not completely out of each other’s lives yet. One of the big events teased in their storyline is the first birthday of their youngest daughter.

Whether or not Michael shows up is a big question mark currently. Meanwhile, there’s added drama as well. Sarah Simmons invites her new man to the birthday celebration. And, she worries about things getting hostile if Michael shows up.

On both Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup, Sarah Simmons dealt with her hubby juggling multiple women. But, this will be the first time Michael Simmons has to deal with a new man in her life. So far, WEtv alludes to a possible confrontation between both men. And, how Michael takes the news of his wife seeing another man is something spoilers tease as well.

Since filming wrapped, Life After Lockup watchers know Sarah focuses on herself. And, in addition to taking care of her girls, she dropped a significant amount of weight in recent months. It looks like she kicked Michael to the curb for good, too. Still, it’s worth tuning in to see how she does it – as well as how things progress with her new man.

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