‘Love After Lockup’: Sarah Has Words For Lacey’s Tattooed Lady Bits

Love After Lockup‘s Sarah Simmons reacts to Lacey getting Shane Whitlow‘s name tattooed on her lady bits. A tattoo is a big commitment. And, this is especially true when it comes to intimate areas. What do other LALU cast members think of Lacey’s choice of ink and placement?

Love After Lockup: Lacey Gets Shane Whitlow’s Name Inked on Her

As a general rule of thumb, it’s often a bad idea to get the name of a lover tattooed on your body. This is especially true if things go bad and the relationship ends. In some cases, you can get another tattoo to cover it up. But, that may be hard to do in Lacey’s case if things ever go bad with husband Shane Whitlow.

Lacey revealed to John Slater that she has Shane’s name in her intimate areas. And, at the time, even John thought it was a crazy idea. He still has feelings for her. So, the idea of another man’s name there on her body didn’t sit well with him at all. Meanwhile, other Love After Lockup cast members have something to say as well.

Love After Lockup: Shane Whitlow - Lacey

LALU: Sarah Simmons Passes on Lacey Tattoo

Lacey’s Love After Lockup body art gets a “hell no” from Lamar Jackson. Meanwhile, Sarah Simmons points out that Shane Whitlow and his wife have a messy history of splitting and getting back together. With their relationship seemingly always in flux, Sarah doesn’t like the idea of getting something that permanent down there.

Lacey’s placement is definitely a hard pass for Sarah Simmons. She said if she were in Lacey’s shoes and things ended with Shane Whitlow, she wouldn’t want any “issues” with any new lovers after that. So, it’s definitely a no-go for Sarah. Like John Slater, most potential partners likely wouldn’t take the news well.

Meanwhile, Marcelino Santiago wonders what name Lacey actually has down there. She has a history of juggling men on Love After Lockup. And, Marcelino jokes that it could be “Sean”, “John”, or even “Chon” (a pronunciation of John that many Love After Lockup watchers make fun of Lacey for).

Shane Whitlow Confirms Lacey Ink

Because she has her tattoo in a private area, it’s not something WEtv can show. So, many viewers had to take Lacey’s word for it when she told John Slater the news. But, Shane confirms the tat in the all-new Love After Lockup: True Confessions special.

Shane Whitlow says Lacey has his name on her “pu***”. And, he says it’s “mine”. With all the back and forth between John and Shane when it comes to Lacey, this is definitely something Shane can hold over the other felon. And, he has no problem bragging about it.

Love After Lockup: Lacey

What to Expect from Love After Lockup Special

WEtv plans to release two specials leading up to the premiere of the new season. Cast reactions are a big thing now across multiple reality franchises. And, LALU is no different. Love After Lockup: True Confessions spoilers show a lot of back and forth banter. And, it’s a great way for viewers to get some behind the scenes insight from their favorite stars. So, that’s definitely something to watch heading into the new season.

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