‘Love after Lockup’: Lindsey Downs Loses it – Flips on Scott Bradshaw

Love After Lockup spoilers tell us Lindsey Downs snaps and goes off on Scott Bradshaw. Plus, another castmate is pushed over the edge, and a search takes a shocking turn. Check out a glimpse of what’s to come on the dramatic next episode of Life After Lockup.  

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Lindsey Downs Reaches Breaking Point

Love After Lockup updates show Scott pushes Lindsey Downs too far, and the former inmate snaps. Soon, Lindsey barges into Scott’s office and starts trashing the place. Lindsey seems to be in a violent state of mind, and Scott may not know what hit him.

However, Life After Lockup spoilers suggests Scott may turn the tables on Lindsey Downs soon. Elsewhere, Destinie has a revelation that may threaten her court date and leave Shawn Osborne on the hook for a boatload of cash, suspect Love After Lockup spoilers.

Brittany Dodd Santiago in For a Huge Shock

Love After Lockup spoilers say Brittany Dodd Santiago grows more concerned about her mother, Cindy. Brittany has been anxious about Cindy’s drug and alcohol addiction. More importantly, the threat it poses to her safety.

Brittany is still searching for her mom, and things take a surprising turn soon on Life After Lockup. Hopefully, Brittany can find her mother and convince her to get help before things get worse.

Meanwhile, Shane Whitlow is on edge with John Slater out of prison. John’s return is sure to complicate life for Shane and pregnant Lacey on Love After Lockup.  

Sarah Simmons Storms Off on WEtv

On the next Love After Lockup, Sarah Simmons gets angry and takes off. Judging by the preview, Sarah looks petty chummy with her husband, Michael Simmons. So, her anger may be directed at her boyfriend, Malcolm Woolridge.

Malcolm may not be able to handle Michael being in Sarah’s life. So, he and Sarah may not last much longer on Life After Lockup. Andrea Edwards makes a bold move that could risk her life with her husband, Lamar Jackson.

Recently, the couple has been struggling with trust issues. Soon, it looks like Andrea takes the kids and heads to a hotel. However, her son Tennison is not on board and refuses to go with them. So, he may choose to stay with Lamar.

Soon, Andrea feels like everyone is turning on her, suspect Love After Lockup spoilers. And Andrea’s marriage to Lamar may be at risk. It’s sure to be a shocking next episode of Life After Lockup as Lindsey Downs attempts to show Scott who’s boss on the WEtv reality show.

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