‘Life After Lockup’: Skinny Sarah’s Shocking New Hairstyle – See Before and After Pics

Life After Lockup star Sarah Simmons (Michael Simmons’ baby mama) recently rocked a new hairstyle online. This goes along with her new, slimmer figure as well. She works on herself since claiming she reached a final straw with Michael. What does the new hair look like?

Life After Lockup: Sarah Simmons Shows Off New Hairstyle

Life After Lockup celeb Sarah Simmons recently showed off her new do online. And, it gets a lot of reactions from WEtv watchers. Sarah Simmons’ hair is naturally straight. But, recent pics from Michael Simmons’ estranged wife show her with a considerable amount of frizz.

Sarah shows off her new curls in recent snaps. And, this new look goes along with her slimmer figure as well. Sarah Simmons made a lot of huge life changes since filming the latest season of Life After Lockup. And, it looks like things really come together for her.

Life After Lockup: Sarah Simmons

Love After Lockup: New Hair to Go with New Body?

Life After Lockup star Sarah Simmons made a lot of life changes of late. Ahead of the WEtv spinoff finale, she shared pics of her slim figure. Sarah was on the heavy side when she made her debut with Michael Simmons on Love After Lockup. But, she dropped the majority of that weight and keeps it off.

Sarah Simmons regularly promotes things like weight loss apps and detoxes. And, she has a new hairstyle to go along with her new figure. Some Life After Lockup fans suspect she got a perm. But, she posted pics with braids recently. So, it’s possible her new frizz is the result of taking her hair out of those braids.

Life After Lockup: Sarah Simmons

Life After Lockup: What’s Next for Sarah?

Life After Lockup watchers saw Sarah Simmons sleep with Michael Simmons in the recently-concluded spinoff. Even when she knew Michael and Maria were an item, she still referred to the ex-con as her man. She finally hit rock bottom on the show and said the final straw for her was Michael Simmons leaving New York without saying goodbye.

Since that time, Sarah Simmons’ updates online focus on her and her two girls. There isn’t much about Michael at all. Meanwhile, there are questions surrounding Sarah Simmons’ marriage status with Michael. Sarah went to see a lawyer about pursuing divorce. But, she still referred to Michael as her husband on Life After Lockup.

Is She Still Married to Michael Simmons?

Right now the pair are still married and legally husband and wife. Life After Lockup spoilers from show previews teased Sarah could be pregnant with baby number three. But, with all the progress she makes dropping weight, it’s likely safe to rule out another pregnancy for the WEtv mother.

Many Life After Lockup followers want to know what Sarah plans to do next. And, it looks like she is content living an active lifestyle and maintaining her weight loss – in addition to focusing on her girls. Some viewers wonder if she plans to attract a new man with her new body and new hairstyle. But, with COVID-19 quarantine in effect, only time will tell.

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