‘Life After Lockup’: Megan Admits She Loves Michael Simmons – Wants to See Where it Goes

Love After Lockup‘s Megan recently dished on her relationship with Michael Simmons. With the premiere of spinoff Life After Lockup just around the corner, cast members confessed the most difficult scene for them to watch. What did Megan reveal?

Life After Lockup: Megan Ditched for Sarah

Megan revealed in the Life After Lockup promo clip that Michael Simmons bailing on her is the hardest to take. The pair had a nice getaway trip to Niagara Falls. But, things cut short when Michael Simmons ditched Megan for Sarah.

Watching the clip back, Megan realized where Michael Simmons went. But, at that time, she didn’t know about the extent of their relationship. Life After Lockup deals with the fallout following the confrontation between Sarah and Megan. Love After Lockup watchers are going to want to tune in to see the aftermath.

In a recent update clip from WEtv’s Life After Lockup, Megan talked about how things have gone since she found out the truth about Michael. She admits Michael Simmons broke her heart. And, she went through a “sad” and “depressing” time. On the other hand, she said she came out stronger because of everything she went through. Megan admits she still loves Michael and wants to be with him. Moreover, she’s willing to put in the effort to “see where it goes”.

Love After Lockup: Drama Following Season Finale

There was a lot of back and forth following the Love After Lockup season finale on social media. Sarah Simmons said Megan and Michael were still together. Meanwhile, Megan said that Michael and his wife were an item. It’s possible that this back and forth was intentional to hype future content. At that time, Life After Lockup hadn’t been confirmed.

Interestingly, Megan posted an Instagram clip singing Sandcastles by Beyonce. That particular song has potent lyrics. They describe a volatile relationship that one keeps going back to. Given her Life After Lockup history with Michael Simmons, could this be a commentary on the current state of their relationship?

In addition to the clip of her singing, the Life After Lockup cast member said she’s tired of feeling like “sh**”. She ended her post encouraging viewers to tune in to the Life After Lockup premiere. Whether or not there’s something big going on behind the scenes, the post certainly does the job of getting viewers hyped for the premiere.

What to Expect from WEtv New Spinoff

Many Love after Lockup fans are eager to see the fallout from the Megan and Sarah confrontation. It certainly seems like the spinoff will deliver on that front – and more. It’s also possible that the network is trying to maximize the hype in order to grab viewers’ attention.

Certainly, there’s a lot of baggage to sort through leading up to the Life After Lockup debut. Be sure to catch Life After Lockup Friday, June 14 at 9:00 only on WEtv.

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