‘Life After Lockup’: Megan’s Secret Revealed – Is She Pregnant with Michael’s Baby?

Life After Lockup‘s Megan is keeping a big secret from Michael Simmons. In the most recent episode of the WE tv show, things came to a head when Michael was finally released from prison. Megan was there to meet him and his family wasn’t happy about it. In addition, things only escalated further when Sarah Simmons found out she was there. But what secret is Megan keeping? Fans are dying to know and have been teased long enough.

Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup – Megan Hiding Something from Michael Simmons

There was a lot of drama when Michael Simmons got out of prison. His sister wasn’t happy to see his other woman there and refused to speak to her. The pair got into it online and his sibling essentially blames her for causing more problems with wife Sarah. She’s also the one that let Sarah know Megan was there at the prison. All of this went down while Sarah shopped for baby clothes.

LAL ended on a cliffhanger between Megan and lover Michael Simmons. She was on the verge of spilling a secret to her jailhouse love but pulled back instead. It looks like she is going to spill that secret in the next episode of the WE tv program. Meanwhile, Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup fans wonder what that secret is and how it will impact their relationship.

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Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup – Is Megan Pregnant?

One possibility is Megan is pregnant with Michael Simmons’ child. Megan’s adamant about seeing where things go with him. Even after she finds out the wannabe model’s married to Sarah. She even pushed him to divorce his wife if he is serious about being with her. On the relationship front, it certainly seems like she is committed to seeing things through with Michael.

Perhaps Michael knocked Megan up and she’s hesitant to tell him. Screenshots from the next episode hint at something big dropping for the pair. But, in the meantime, there’s no definitive way to tell. With Michael Simmons just getting out of prison again, perhaps Megan wanted to hold off on revealing her secret straight away. Still, whatever it is, it definitely looks like a big one on Life After Lockup.

LAL: Are Megan and Michael Together?

It seems Michael Simmons and Megan want to be together. According to the Flint resident, he only kept things going with his wife to establish a relationship with his first daughter. In addition, the Life After Lockup felon also has a second daughter with Sarah to consider. But, it also looks like Michael wants to be with his side girl long term – the one he calls his “queen”.

Interestingly, there’s no evidence of Michael Simmons on Megan’s IG currently. And there’s no trace of the Texas native on Michael’s page either. Perhaps there’s trouble in the water for the pair. It’s also possible things are under wraps until the current season airs. Either way, it will be interesting to see what Megan ultimately reveals. Tune in to new episodes of the Love After Lockup spinoff Friday night only on WE tv.

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