‘Life After Lockup’: Clint and Tracie’s Home Full of Drug Paraphernalia?

One thing Love After Lockup fans noticed about Clint Brady and Tracie Wagaman’s home on the promo for the new WEtv spinoff Life After Lockup was that their house is not very tidy. The clutter is everywhere. There’s beat up furniture, clothes lying around, a ripped up mattress, and lots of ick. It’s not exactly five-star accommodations.

But what most viewers missed, was there seems to be several items of drug paraphernalia. These are in some of the shots on Life After Lockup, hidden among all the clutter. Given the drug history of these two, this seems a bit disturbing. It also begs the question – are Clint’s parents looking closely at this footage and is this a legal violation any sort?

Life After Lockup: Drug Paraphernalia Spotted in Clint Brady’s House?

The Life After Lockup teaser episode begins with Clint and Tracie in Hobbs, New Mexico at the house they share. A shot of Tracie’s “8 Rules 2 Freedom” is tacked to the fridge with a Las Vegas souvenir magnet. It’s a list of the rules Tracie Wagaman has to follow while on probation and comes straight from the Texas probation website.

Beside the fridge is what appears to be a red glass bong. It’s in the sink of the Love After Lockup star’s kitchen. In most states, possession of drug paraphernalia, like a bong, is a parole violation. The good news is, they seem to be keeping it clean since there’s not one, but two bottles of dish soap nearby.

Life After Lockup: Tracie Wagaman

Bong and a Bag From a Pot Dispensary Spotted in LAL Scenes

Next, in Clint and wife Tracie’s bedroom tucked between the laundry basket of dirty clothes and the sideways nightstand with a prescription pill bottle is a shopping bag from a Las Vegas weed store. The contents from the bag aren’t shown on Life After Lockup, but Clint Brady has a history of arrests that involve marijuana.

It doesn’t seem like the smartest thing for a person on parole to let the Life After Lockup cameras film with these items around. But, Clint Brady was once arrested for walking into a police station smelling of marijuana while he had weed in his car. He’s not the sharpest, it seems, when it comes to avoiding arrest.

Also, from the looks of their home, the Love After Lockup duo obviously didn’t spend any time picking up. There’s even a bra dangling from a VCR in Clint’s bedroom. Yet given that she’s supposedly sticking close to the house and isn’t working, it seems she had time to clean. Or maybe that’s what it looks like after she cleaned…

Love After Lockup: Clint Brady - Tracie Wagaman

Was Tracie Wagaman On Parole During Filming?

On the Life After Lockup episode, Clint and Tracie discuss that Tracie only has two days of parole left, then the two will go to Las Vegas. But clues around the house indicate that their Las Vegas trip already occurred and that Tracie Wagaman is off parole. It appears that the cameras showed up after her parole and they are filming their dialog after the fact.

Clues that the Life After Lockup couple went to Sin City are everywhere. They include the Las Vegas refrigerator magnet, two decks of Casino-played playing cards on the nightstand. And of course, there’s the shopping bag from a marijuana dispensary in Nevada. Recreational weed use in Nevada is legal, according to state law. But, it is illegal to transport it to a different state.

Life After Lockup: Tracie Wagaman

Whether Tracie Wagaman was on or off parole at the time is irrelevant to many Love After Lockup followers. They don’t think Tracie should be around drugs of any type considering her past. Crack addicts under the influence of marijuana are more likely to relapse into hard drug use. Given Clint and Tracie’s history, viewers are expecting to see more legal trouble in their future.

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