‘Life After Lockup’ Exclusive: Andrea Bails On Buying Gold Chains for Lamondre – Behind The Scenes Scoop

Love After Lockup spinoff Life After Lockup starts tonight and we’ve got some exclusive tea on Andrea and Lamondre Fluker. Soap Dirt chatted exclusively with Daytona Beach, Florida jewelry store owners Stacey Hill and her sister Traci Jordan.

Sharp Entertainment set up a shoot at Masterpiece Jewelers on Love After Lockup this season, and it was at Andrea’s request. Here’s what went down with the shoot and why this really caught our eye.

Life After Lockup: Andrea Buying Chains for Boyfriend Lamondre Fluker

Sharp Entertainment contacted shop owner sisters Stacey and Traci to shoot in their store.

The jewelry store owners were told that a cast member suggested them as she liked their shop. Later, they found out via email that it was Andrea (the girlfriend of Lamondre Fluker). The sisters assured us they were not subject to any sort of gag order from Sharp or WE tv and were free to talk with us exclusively about the Love After Lockup shoot.

As reality TV fans, they were excited about a shoot at their store as they are fans of Love After Lockup and other similar shows. They told only SD that the email also said that Andrew was living in Daytona Beach. What’s more interesting is that the Life After Lockup segment was to be Andrea picking up items for her “boyfriend” — the production company didn’t say “husband”. So we know that the two probably are not married at this time.

Love After Lockup: Andrea Edwards - Life After Lockup

Love After Lockup Wedding Questions About Andrea and Lamondre Fluker

So, the use of the word boyfriend prompts questions. Was the Production Assistant communicating from Sharp Entertainment just misspeaking and they really meant husband? Or was their wedding in Season 1 perhaps staged for the cameras and not legal? Or, could it be that Andrea and Lamondre Fluker split and she has a new man? The last one seems least likely.

After Life After Lockup production contacted the co-owners of Masterpiece Jewelers, they agreed to host the shoot in their store. They said they were “all excited” about the shoot and “were dying just to meet” the Love After Lockup stars. Then, they got to work cleaning up the store to get it ready. You can see the pics above of them dusting and polishing every surface, hard at work.

Love After Lockup: Andrea Edwards - Life After Lockup

Life After Lockup Asked for Gold Chains to Stage Scene for Cameras

As reality show fans know, it’s not always so real. In this case, Sharp Entertainment wanted to stage a scene. The owners told SD that the email from Sharp that explained “the premise with the shoot was that Andrea would be picking up her boyfriend’s jewelry from the store”. The Love After Lockup spinoff scene was set for Thursday, May 30 at Masterpiece Jewelers.

Sharp wanted to make sure the store had a vault they could use in the shoot and asked Stacey and Traci to acquire large gold chains for the shoot. To show how excited they were, the owners sent a pic of themselves decked out in the gold chains they got specifically for the shoot and holding a sign telling Sharp they love them and were excited about the Life After Lockup shoot.

Love After Lockup: Andrea Edwards - Life After Lockup

Andrea Refused to Cooperate With Producers – Love After Lockup Spinoff Shoot Derailed

In addition to getting the store ready for the Life After Lockup cameras, Traci and Stacey assembled lovely gift bags for all the crew members scheduled to work for Sharp that day. They also put together a valuable gift specifically for Andrea. They planned to give it to her at the shoot. The shop owners told SD, “We love Andrea – so we had a luxurious jewelry gift bag as a thank you for her”. So far, it’s gone undelivered to the Love After Lockup cast member. Here’s why.

Stacey Hill said, “That morning, I got a phone call that told me that the shoot probably would not be happening”. She asked why not and “was told Andrea is refusing to cooperate with producers”. She said the PA was “really super sweet and very apologetic and said they were still working on it and asked me to call back”. So, Stacey phoned back later and said they sounded more optimistic. Then, she told SD, “At 3:30, I got a final text that they won’t be coming to make the shoot”.

Love After Lockup: Andrea Edwards - Life After Lockup

Shop Owners “Devastated” Over LAL Cancelled Shoot

Once they got the word that there would not be a Life After Lockup shoot at Masterpiece Jewelers, the sister owners said they “were devastated and so sad”. Not only did they spend time prepping their shop for the shoot, but they also spent money. They told SD that “one of the prerequisites was that we had a vault they could use in the shot and big gold chains we could use as props”.

She said smaller stores like theirs don’t keep these around “so we ordered chains for them to accommodate them”. Prouction set up the plot for that segment of LAL as this. “Andrea’s just going to be coming in and pick up his gold chains that you’ve been holding for him”. They bought “sterling silver chains that were gold plated that were big and weigh a lot. They are heavy and still cost a couple thousand dollars”.

Owners Spent $8K+ Setting Up Scripted Scene for Life After Lockup

They were understandably disappointed when the shoot for the Love After Lockup spinoff went off the rails. In addition to buying the spendy prop chains, they said, “for the three weeks running up to this, we were working after hours to prepare and had people working overtime”. We asked Stacey Hill and sis Traci Jordan how much expense they outlaid.

Setting up for the Life After Lockup set-up cost them “easily $8,000”. They added “We cannot return the chains because it’s been too long so we’ll eat that”. But their attitude was upbeat. Stacey told Soap Dirt, “I just want to say that we were not upset at all – even though we were disappointed. We’re not bitter or anything like that. It was just so fun.”


Love After Lockup Andrea Encouraged to Come Get Her Gift Bag of Goodies

And Stacey Hill and Traci Jordan want to make clear they welcome Andrea to stop by Masterpiece Jewelers. They are still holding her gift bag for her. It has jewelry, chocolate, makeup, and all sorts of pampering items plus a gift card for their store. And it’s still waiting on Life After Lockup cast member Andrea.

This is their message to Andrea. “We are huge fans of hers and are absolutely behind her on her journey”. They said “we hope that she stops by the store to see us”. Then they added “We thank her so much for recommending us to Love After Lockup. That meant so much to a small store like us.”

And if you’re a fan of Love After Lockup, feel free to stop by the shop at 1500 Beville Road in Daytona Beach. If you ask nicely, maybe the ladies will let you try on the chains they bought for Andrea’s boyfriend. If you get the chance, ask them to pose for a pic with our Soap Dirt sign they have. Then tag us on Twitter for a retweet of your photo in the chains!

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