‘Love After Lockup’: Single Mom Andrea Has Her Own Criminal History – What Does Her Rap Sheet Look Like?

Love After Lockup‘s all-new couple Andrea and criminal Lamondre definitely have some hurdles to overcome in the new season of the WE tv show. The series is billed as regular people dating criminals. But, it looks like Andrea has her own criminal past to contend with. WE tv watchers are digging into these brand new couples. And, there are some surprising finds as far as Andrea goes. What’s the latest?

Love After Lockup: Andrea Has Her Own Criminal History

37-year-old single mom Andrea is dating convict Lamondre on the brand new season of the WE tv series. But, it appears they have a lot more in common than a mutual attraction to one another. It turns out Andrea has her own criminal past. And, a lot of those misdeeds are coming to the surface now that the fresh new season is underway.

The Love After Lockup single mother has charges ranging from grand theft to arson and domestic violence. The kicker is the reaction of Andrea’s family when she revealed she has a criminal for a lover. Seeing them react the way they did came across as over the top for many Love After Lockup watchers. Especially given the fact that Andrea has an extensive history of her own.

Love After Lockup: More on Andrea’s Charges

Interestingly, Andrea has mugshots dating all the way back to 2001. It also seems like she turned an item she liked to steal into a successful enterprise. She revealed on Love After Lockup that she owns a business called IKlass Sunwear. It’s a retailer specializing in sunglasses. Her rap sheet also includes an instance of theft in which she stole $6,695 worth of eyewear from Sunglass Hut in Florida.

Certainly, Andrea turned her history of theft into a successful business. And, it seems she definitely turned her life around. Perhaps the fact that she’s dating Lamondre means she might fall back into her old criminal habits. It appears Andrea wants all the traditional trappings that come with marriage. But, will  Lamondre turn things around like she did?

What to Expect from This Couple

Andrea admits that she loves the idea of turning a bad guy into a good guy. Lamondre thinks they’re “bigger than Jay-Z and Beyonce”. But, it’ll be interesting to see how things transition once Lamondre is on the outside. Lamondre admits on Love After Lockup that his lady love is “high-maintenance”. He also reveals that he spent over $18,000 on her since they’ve been together.

She blindsided her sisters at the last minute. And, they definitely don’t approve of her lockup love match. This is definitely going to be something worth watching this season. On top of the hurdles that come with life on the outside, Andrea and Lamondre will have to win over her family. Andrea still has her mind on marrying her lockup lover. It’ll be worth tuning in to see if they end up walking down the aisle.

Catch all-new episodes of Love After Lockup Friday at 9:00 on WE tv.

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