‘Love After Lockup’ Update: Brittany Santiago Now Has Full Custody of Son Giovanni

Love After Lockup‘s Brittany Santiago now has full custody of four-year-old Giovanni. LAL watchers saw things escalate between Marcelino Santiago and baby daddy Tito on Life After Lockup. Custody of Giovanni was a focal point of this couple’s storyline throughout the recent WE tv spinoff. What’s the latest?

Love After Lockup: Brittany Santiago Gets Giovanni

The latest court ruling grants Brittany Santiago sole legal and temporary primary physical custody of her young son Giovanni. This came about after baby daddy Tito’s recent failed drug test. Drug testing was part of the agreement between the former couple. Brittany Santiago’s lawyer put in the paperwork while the Love After Lockup couple attended a premiere event for WE tv in New York. The couple was there to promote the upcoming season of Love After Lockup.

Life After Lockup viewers saw an explosive brawl between the poker player and Brittany Santiago’s ex. Tito said he would be “dead” before the Love After Lockup pair have custody of his son. The confrontation came to blows as both men battled it out in front of WE tv cameras. It looks like Brittany Santiago won that battle in court, though.

Love After Lockup: Tito’s Drug History Coming Back to Bite?

Brittany and Tito took drug tests following a mediation hearing on August 6. Brittany Santiago passed her test but Tito wasn’t so lucky. Giovanni’s father had traces of THC, Amphetamine, and Methamphetamine in his bloodstream at the time. Brittany didn’t know the test results until August 14. That’s when her lawyer filed the paperwork to gain custody.

Tito has a history with drugs and trouble with the law. For a time it seemed the former couple might come to terms and get along. There’s a lot of bad blood between Tito and Marcelino. And, Brittany having full custody may only make that strained relationship worse.

What Happens Now?

Contact between Tito and his son is suspended until an upcoming hearing to modify the custody agreement. This is surely a situation to keep an eye on moving forward. Meanwhile, it looks like Giovanni will spend a lot more time with the WE tv couple.

Many Love After Lockup watchers gave Marcelino a lot of flak early on. But, he has proven to be a reliable father figure in Giovanni’s life. It’s likely Tito could try some things down the line to regain custody. But, with these recent events, things could go Brittany’s way come the hearing.

So far, she hasn’t addressed the latest news. The young mother recently had a birthday and thanked her fans on IG. She also has pics with her hubby at the recent Love After Lockup premiere event.

As for her hubby, he updated his IG with a picture of the young boy but didn’t address the latest news either. Meanwhile, some fans are already congratulating the couple on this recent custody change.

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