‘Love After Lockup’: Brittany Has Marcelino’s Name – and Other Lovers – Tatted on Her Too

Love After Lockup cast member Brittany Santiago has a lot of body art – and Marcelino Santiago‘s certainly a fan. Some WE tv watchers noted that she has the names of both past and present lovers on her skin. One tattoo in particular gained lots of interest online in light of recent events. Getting the name of a lover tattooed on your skin can be risky. Especially if things go south with that relationship. So, is Brittany setting herself up for failure?

Love After Lockup: Brittany Santiago Has Tito Santana Permanently on Her Body

Brittany Santiago’s choice of body art is interesting given recent events. Love After Lockup fans saw things come to blows between Tito and Marcelino Santiago over custody of her young son Giovanni. Brittany Santiago recently gained custody after Tito failed a drug test. For now, her ex can’t contact his son until the matter of custody is settled during an upcoming hearing.

As far as Brittany Santiago’s tattoos go, she has “My King” on one leg and “Lazaro” tattooed across the back of the other. These thigh tats are in large letters – and Lazaro is Tito’s birth name. For a time, it seemed the exes could co-parent once Brittany was out of jail. As Love After Lockup watchers saw, things turned sour over custody of Giovanni. And, they’re likely to worsen in light of this recent custody change. Meanwhile, Brittany still has Tito’s name on her body – right where Marcelino Santiago can see it.

Love After Lockup: Marcelino Santiago’s Name Tatted on Brittany Too

Love After Lockup‘s Brittany Santiago obviously loves ink – and also has a habit of getting the names of past relationships on her body. A few months ago, she and Marcelino got each other’s names inked. Things seem to be going well between them for now. But, some Life After Lockup watchers wonder whether the same thing that happened with Tito will happen with the pro poker player somewhere down the line.

All things indicate that the Love After Lockup couple are happy together. In addition, they have baby Zoila to take care of. This is on top of Brittany recently gaining custody of Giovanni. Marcelino Santiago is definitely a father figure for her young son. And, they seem to be a happy family. But at one time, was she equally happy with Tito Santana?

What Happens Next for Brittany on Life After Lockup?

Recently, Brittany and Marcelino were at a WE tv event to promote the new season of Love After Lockup. That’s when her lawyer filed the emergency paperwork for her to gain custody of her son. As of now, there’s still another hearing to modify the custody agreement. It’s possible Tito may try to challenge that at some point in the future. But, with both his criminal history and the recent failed drug test working against him, he may not have a case.

Tito Santana told Marcelino Santiago that he’d be “dead” before he let the poker player or his ex have custody of his son. But, the courts saw otherwise and now Marcelino and Brittany have Giovanni. Whether or not his living situation with Brittany and Marcelino Santiago is long-term is something to keep an eye on moving forward. For now, fans are more focused on Brittany Santiago’s ex-tattoo than anything else right now.

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