‘Love After Lockup’: Meet Military Man Vincent and Drug Trafficker Amber Eggers

Love After Lockup‘s brand new season is kicking off with new couple Vincent and Amber Eggers. This is definitely an interesting pair to keep an eye on. Vincent is a straight shooter military man. Meanwhile, his jailhouse lover was put away for drug trafficking. Right from the jump, it seems things are set up for confrontation down the line. Catch the premiere of the all-new Love After Lockup season August 16 on WE tv. What do we know so far about Amber and Vincent?

Love After Lockup: Who is Amber Egger’s new man, Vincent?

Love After Lockup spoilers introduce Amber Eggers love interest, Vincent, to WE tv watchers. Vincent is a no-nonsense military guy. Right out of the gate, it seems these two could have some issues to iron out. In addition, Vincent has a very close relationship with his mother. When he finally comes clean to her about the status of his love life, she doesn’t look amused.

Another interesting tidbit is what Vincent does for a living. He tells WE tv cameras in sneak peek clips that he can’t reveal exactly what he does. But, he called it “specialist work”. Could he have a high-ranking position in the military? Perhaps he goes on covert missions as part of the Special Forces or some other elite combat unit. It’s clear he keeps himself in top shape as well.

Love After Lockup: Who is Convict Amber Eggers?

Love After Lockup cast member Amber Eggers admits Vince having his “sh** together” is definitely something that appeals to her. Having someone like that on her side as she attempts to transition into a post-prison life could definitely be an asset moving forward. On the other hand, if he gets too controlling, that could also lead to some problems down the line. This is going to be something worth keeping an eye on.

There’s also the fact that Amber Eggers’ mother is behind bars for the same offense. It’s clear crime runs deep in her family. That may present problems later on as she tries to get on the straight and narrow path following lockup. Vincent tells his mother that Amber plans to stay with a former cellmate once she’s out. That could be a good thing for her. But, it could also send her back to old habits.

Can Vince and Love Interest Amber Make it Work?

Along with the struggle of adjusting to life on the outside, it looks like Amber will also have to win over Vincent’s mother. Winning over friends and relatives is often a point of contention on Love After Lockup. Vincent’s mom admits she’s “concerned” and “worried” about the situation.

She also said she wants to travel with her son to see Amber Eggers. But, both Vincent and girlfriend Amber seem confident they can make things work. To see Amber, Vincent, and the rest of the new couples, watch the premiere of Love After Lockup on Friday, August 16 at 9:00.

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