‘Love After Lockup’: Amber Kicks Puppy to the Curb

Love After Lockup star Amber Eggers gets fed up with Puppy’s drinking and laying down on the job. Things come to a head when the boss calls Amber because Puppy is late and not answering the phone. Amber has a goal in mind, and her lady love isn’t getting with the program. But Amber has a guy on the side that Puppy doesn’t know about. Can these two work it out, or will they go their separate ways?

Love After Lockup: Amber Eggers Blows Up at Puppy

Love After Lockup couple Amber Eggers and Puppy have been at odds for several episodes now. Amber seems ready to get her life in order and stay out of trouble. Puppy, on the other hand, just wants to chill. Puppy explained to fans that holding down a job is tough for her, and drinking helps her get through the day.

But lately, Puppy has been showing up late to work or, even worse, getting drunk at work. Amber is out of patience dealing with her and doesn’t know how to make her straighten up. Puppy swore to Amber Eggers’ mother recently that she wasn’t doing anything but drinking. But in the season finale of Love After Lockup, Puppy didn’t go to work and wouldn’t answer the phone.

Amber Eggers was forced to hunt Puppy down to find out why she didn’t report to her job. She found her girlfriend drinking and lounging in the pool. The Love After Lockup star told fans she wants Puppy to be successful, but they seem to be on different paths right now. She said she couldn’t deal with Puppy’s lack of drive to a better life.

Love After Lockup: Amber Eggers

Amber Eggers Says it’s Over

Amber gave her girlfriend an ultimatum. Once Puppy gets her life together, Amber said maybe she’d come back around. But she can’t risk her own freedom on Love After Lockup because Puppy only wants to chill and be irresponsible. Amber Eggers told Puppy she can’t continue to worry about her doing the right thing. Or worry about her doing the wrong thing for that matter.

Amber does not understand why Puppy can’t get her act together. They just did four years in prison, “chillin’.” Now is not the time to chill, said Amber Eggers of Love After Lockup fame. Puppy tried to make it right with the “L” word, but her girlfriend wasn’t having it. Amber said she’s moving on and changing her parole address.

Puppy offers to stop drinking. Amber Eggers told her to prove it. So, Puppy threw the liquor bottle at the car but missed it. Amber backed the car out and drove away as her girlfriend picks the alcohol bottle back up and sits on the steps, looking disheartened. Amber shed a few tears as she told fans this is hard for her because it made her realize what she put her own loved ones through. Now that she’s got her life in order on Love After Lockup, she can see it where she couldn’t before.

Love After Lockup: Sammy

Love After Lockup: Sammy is Waiting in the Wings

Amber Eggers’ ex-boyfriend Sammy is out of prison. The two have been talking behind Puppy’s back on Love After Lockup. Sammy says he’s changed, and she believes him. She said they were bad for each other when they dated before. They were doing drugs, selling drugs, and when they split, there was unfinished business in their hearts.

But now, Sammy is ready to change for the better. He told Amber Eggers in a recent episode of Love After Lockup on WEtv he loves her, and he’s always loved her. She smiled big and said that she gets butterflies in her stomach every time she sees Sammy or talks to him. Something has changed in Sammy, and she can see it when she looks at him. She loves Puppy, but something about Sammy keeps drawing her back.

Sammy asked Amber Eggers to go out with him, catch up and see what happens. She said she didn’t know where that would leave Puppy if she and Sammy get back together. Love After Lockup celeb Amber seems to know where she’s heading, but her lady love appears content just to chill. Time will tell which path they will take.

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