‘Love After Lockup’: Time for Puppy and Amber to Call it Quits?

Love After Lockup duo Puppy and Amber Eggers seem to be at odds lately. Amber wants to stay out of trouble and get her life back on track. Puppy seems to be sliding backward, drinking and possibly using again. All they do is argue, but is it time to go their separate ways?

Love After Lockup: Amber Eggers Says No to Marrying Puppy

Amber Eggers has been living with Puppy and her mother since she got out of prison on WEtv Love After Lockup. Since Puppy got released, the two have tried to figure out their lives and each other. Puppy seems to be all-in on the two of them being in a relationship. But Amber has a guy she’s talking to on the side that her partner doesn’t know about.

Amber Eggers said she loves Puppy with her whole heart, but she won’t commit to a relationship with her. In the last episode of Love After Lockup on WEtv, Amber’s mother Monica found out her daughter talked to an old boyfriend. Amber said she knows she needs to be honest, but her lover is fragile, and she doesn’t want to hurt her.

Puppy said she misses the relationship they had in prison. Now that they’re out on Love After Lockup, all they do is argue. Puppy asks Amber Eggers about Las Vegas, where they are planning to resolve the adoption situation. She said they could get married in Vegas. Amber replied, “B*tch, we’re not getting married.”


Puppy Struggles to Stay Straight

Puppy told Monica she hasn’t used drugs again, but she said she is a part-time alcoholic. Fans of Love after Lockup heard Puppy say Monica and Amber Eggers are both doing better than she is, and perhaps she’s just not as far along as they are at adjusting to life on the outside.

Perhaps she’s enjoying too much of the free world, Love After Lockup celeb Puppy wonders. She told Monica she’s staying out of trouble. But she’s late to everything lately, and Amber Eggers calls it being on “Puppy’s time.”

Puppy calls herself the black sheep and said she’s not perfect. Monica assures her nobody is perfect, but she needs to take care of herself. Amber told Love After Lockup viewers she can’t kill herself trying to make anyone else stay on the straight and narrow.

Love After Lockup: Amber Eggers

Love After Lockup: Amber Eggers Keeping Out of Trouble

Amber Eggers of Love After Lockup seems to be doing her best to stay out of jail. She has been telling viewers that she’s not going to be part of the plans for Vince. Amber said she doesn’t want to get caught up in any schemes Puppy may be planning. She realizes her girlfriend’s not doing well, but there’s not much she can do.

Puppy wanted her to stop by the liquor store while they were driving, but Amber refused. While she can’t stop her girlfriend from drinking, she’s not enabling her either. Amber said to fans she cant’ make her girlfriend do anything she doesn’t want to do.,

This WEtv Love After Lockup couple has had their share of problems lately. Amber is still keeping a secret from Puppy, and she’s concerned about what Puppy’s reaction will be due to her fragile nature. Will the girls be able to overcome their difficulties and move on with their lives?

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