‘Love After Lockup’: Puppy & Amber Eggers Plot Murder?

Love After Lockup has Puppy and Amber Eggers meet with a lawyer to find out how to get un-adopted after a prior season scam. There, they find out Puppy is Vince Gonzalez’s heir – not just his dependent. But it will take 15 grand to pursue the issue. Will the girls be able to afford a lawsuit? If not, are they going to look to more drastic solutions?

Love After Lockup: Puppy & Amber Eggers Get the Shaft?

While Amber Eggers and Puppy spent time in jail together, they hooked up. And, Puppy seemed ready to take the relationship to the next level once she was out of jail. Now, Amber lives with Puppy and her mother on the WE tv show Love After Lockup. Soon, the ladies decide they need to finally get Vince Gonzalez, Amber’s ex, out of their lives.

While Amber Eggers and her girlfriend were still in jail, Vince supposedly came to them with the idea of “adopting” Puppy to get extra military benefits. They said he promised to split the money with the women. But Puppy says she and Love After Lockup gal pal Amber didn’t get paid. So now, they want out of the agreement.

The girls hatch a plan to sue him to get out of the adoption and get Vince out of their lives. Puppy’s mother questions how Vince could adopt her adult daughter, but Amber Eggers insists they got legal papers from him. Now, the Love After Lockup ladies want to find a way to get Puppy out of the deal and cut ties with Vince.

Love After Lockup: Vince Gonzalez - Amber Eggers - Puppy

Amber & Puppy Talk Murder?

A visit to a lawyer brings a reality check to the pair. Amber explains their agreement with Vince Gonzalez to the lawyer. That’s when they learn Puppy is also his beneficiary – not just his dependent. The couple discuss the adoption on Love After Lockup and discover there’s a chance he may have forged documents. Puppy denies signing anything and if true, then Vince might have signed for her.

Unfortunately, the lawyer wants $15,000 to pursue discharging the adoption. Puppy’s eyes bug out of her head at the price tag. But she lights up when the attorney points out she’d benefit more by her staying a dependent. A few laughs ensue while the duo talks about making him pay child support. This Love After Lockup couple has some serious work to do if they want to sever legal ties to him.

In the attorney’s office, Puppy says to Amber Eggers, “We should just knock him off.” Even the lawyer laughs, but murder isn’t a laughing matter. Back in the car, Puppy confesses she might want to do something to Vince. As his beneficiary, if he died, she might cash in. Amber agrees but says they need to find out what there might be to inherit.

Puppy then says in a Love After Lockup confession that the best-case scenario is that something happens to Amber’s ex. Should Vince be worried?

Love After Lockup: Vincent

Vince Professes to be the Victim on Love After Lockup

Puppy sinks her teeth into the idea of making Vince Gonzalez pay and won’t let it rest. Amber Eggers of WE tv’s Love After Lockup says she’s done with the whole situation. Amber doesn’t want to risk her freedom and get into some illegal scheme with her girlfriend. A phone call to Vince does not produce any results. He says he acted out of genuine care and concern for Puppy.

He refuses to engage the girls in any chat about the adoption. Vince said Puppy agreed to it then insists he won’t argue with the Love After Lockup ladies about that or anything else. Then, Vince says he feels like he got “shiested.” Amber Eggers pointed out that you usually get something out of somebody when you sheist them.

But according to Puppy and backed up by Amber, they didn’t get anything out of Vince. Still, Puppy seems ready to unload her adult adoptive daddy while Amber Eggers wants to drop it. Will the ladies of Love After Lockup cut legal ties with Vince – or will they go after revenge and put their paroles at risk?

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