‘Love After Lockup’ Spoilers: Puppy & Amber Still Plotting?

Love After Lockup spoilers indicate Puppy and Amber Eggers are still plotting revenge against Vince Gonzalez. Will the girls make Vince pay? Also, Kristianna Roth gets released from jail, but will she find out about John Miller and her sister? Quaylon Adams butts heads with Shavel Moore’s cousin.

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Puppy and Amber Eggers Plan to Make Vince Gonzalez Pay

Puppy and Amber Eggers learned last week on WEtv Love After Lockup that Puppy is actually Vince Gonzalez’s heir, not just his dependent. While they were in jail together, Amber’s ex, Vince, convinced Puppy and Amber to let him do an adult adoption. The idea was that Vince would then get more money which he would split with Puppy and Amber. But he never paid them any money, and now Puppy wants out of the adoption.

Amber took Puppy to a lawyer to talk about her options. The girls were surprised to learn Puppy is more than a dependent. She is Vince’s beneficiary. They were jokingly plotting to “make something happen” to Vince so that Puppy could inherit. Puppy really took hold of the idea of making Vince pay, but Amber told fans of Love After Lockup she doesn’t want to risk her freedom doing anything illegal.

Next weeks’ peek of Love After Lockup shows Amber and Puppy having a meal with a woman who asks what they’re doing about Vince? Her advice to the couple is to go up there and “raise hell” and get their money. Puppy says she’s going to go to Vegas. Amber Eggers looks surprised at that news. Will Amber and Puppy track Vince Gonzalez down and shake him down for money?

Love After Lockup: Kristianna Roth - John Miller

Kristianna Gets Released on Love After Lockup-Does She Sense John’s Indiscretion?

Kristianna Roth has been back in jail for the last ten months. Husband John Miller has had her sister and mother living in his house ever since. John has been getting all but intimate with Kristianna’s sister Terra. They’ve been flirting and teasing each other the entire time Kristianna has been away. This Love After Lockup situation is about to come to a peak.

Things came to a head last week when Kristianna called to say she was coming home early. She tells John Miller that the bad news is that she can’t live with her sister Terra. There are conditions regarding Kristianna’s release, such as she cannot be around anyone with pending criminal charges, which Terra has. Love After Lockup’s John kicked Terra out, causing a tearful scene with Terra and her mother.

Terra thinks John Miller is lying about the release conditions. She believes he made it up to keep Kristianna from finding out about the two of them. Terra says they have feelings for each other, and she knows John, but Kristianna doesn’t. Terra promises to be back soon. The Love After Lockup preview on WE tv shows Kristianna walking out of jail and her husband waiting to pick her up.

Love After Lockup: Quaylon - Shavel Moore

Quaylon Adams Gets Physical with Shavel’s Cousin

Shavel Moore recently split with Quaylon Adams after going through his phone and found messages from another woman. She felt her Love After Lockup man had been standoffish, which prompted her to dig for answers. She kicked him out, and shortly after that, took a road trip with her cousin. Quaylon tracked her down, suitcase in tow, to plead his case and try to win her back.

Love After Lockup felon Quaylon wasn’t ready to give up and was able to figure out her location. He found her with another man, her cousin DMark, at a Ferris wheel in Branson, Missouri. Quaylon invited himself to join their outing, but cousin DMark didn’t stick around. Quaylon proposed to Shavel on the Ferris wheel, and she said “yes.”

The sneak peek for the next installment of Love After Lockup shows Quaylon getting into a shoving match with DMark. They appear to be in the hallway of a hotel. Both guys yell “what’s up” at each other several times before they go hands-on. Shavel is shouting at the camera crew to turn the ‘bleeping” cameras off right now! Which man will win the fight for Shavel?

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