‘Love After Lockup’ Spoilers: Quaylon Proposes to Shavel Moore

Love After Lockup spoilers are showing Quaylon finally proposing to Shavel Moore. But, does she accept his asking of her hand in marriage?

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Quaylon Talks About Commitment with Shavel Moore

Love After Lockup spoilers show Quaylon getting down on one knee. And he tells her that he’s looking to prove his commitment to her. He shoves the ring in her face and says “here you go.”

Shavel Moore is sitting down while he’s asking her this question. Also, she’s got her back turned towards the sky and the mountains, which in the background.

Then, he asks Shavel Moore to marry him. Next, the camera shows the large diamond engagement ring that he’s showing to Shavel. Also, she just looks at him with her mouth wide open. And he asks her if she’s going to say “yes.”

Love After Lockup: Shavel Moore - Quaylon

WEtv Star Reacts to Proposal

Love After Lockup shows Shavel Moore reacting to the proposal that her boyfriend Quaylon is giving her. First, she asks him if he’s being serious.

And he tells her that he is being serious. Next, he asks her again if she’ll marry him. Shavel’s large grin continues to grow on her face. But, she doesn’t respond right away and she sits in silence for a few moments.

Then, she responds with “yes.” Quaylon responds by saying “that’s what I thought.” He smiles as he places the ring on her finger. Also, Shavel grins as she watches Quaylon continue to place the ring on her finger.

Love After Lockup: Shavel Moore - Quaylon

Love After Lockup: Quaylon Gets Into a Fight

Love After Lockup personality Quaylon gets confused about what hand to place the engagement band on. This makes Shavel start to laugh. Next, he tells Shavel Moore that she knows that he’s new about this.

Also, Quaylon is bragging about a diamond being in a band. She covers her face with her mouth. Next, he asks her how she’s feeling. And he tells her to give him “some.” They kiss after he finishes putting the band on her finger.

Quaylon asks Shavel if that’s enough commitment for her. And he tells her to go tell his friends about it.

Also, she continues to laugh and giggle. She exclaims “oh my God” as she goes to hug her fiance. She leans into him as she’s covering her fiance. He wraps his arms around her and tells her that everything’s okay. Then, he calls his fiancee his “baby.”

Another Love After Lockup spoiler shows Shavel Moore screaming at the cameras. She’s telling the cameras to stop recording. Then, it shows Quaylon getting into a fight. He’s punching a man in the face.

As she’s shouting, she’s wearing the same outfit that she’s seen getting engaged in. It’s a multi-colored dress with a floral headwrap on. And Quaylon’s wearing the same white t-shirt in the fight scene as he is when he proposed to his fiancee.

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