‘Love After Lockup’: Quaylon & Shavel Beat the Odds

Love After Lockup‘s Shavel Moore and Quaylon recently reached a huge landmark. Viewers see them dealing with a lot of drama over where they will live now that he’s out of prison. But, in the meantime, the pair celebrated a big moment together.

Love After Lockup: Shavel Moore & Quaylon Reach Major Landmark

Love After Lockup viewers are just getting to know Shavel Moore. And, the same goes for her felon boyfriend, Quaylon. Fans saw Quaylon just got out of jail. And, he adjusts to life on the outside in current episodes. Meanwhile, even though WEtv just introduced us to them, they’ve been together a lot longer than viewers know.

Shavel Moore revealed, via photos, that she and her Love After Lockup boyfriend celebrated three years together as a couple. Shavel included pics of her togetherwith Quaylon. And, she played one of her audio tracks playing with the photos. Shavel’s a singer and wrote a love song for her man, Quaylon.

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Shavel - Quaylon

Drama Between Families

There’s tension on Love After Lockup between the families. Shavel Moore wants her man to live with her and her daughter in Missouri. Meanwhile, Quaylon’s mother wants him to come live with her and his relatives in Houston. And, where the couple live is an elephant in the room for this pair.

Meanwhile, Shavel threw a party for Quaylon in the most recent Love After Lockup episode. And, she invited both sides of the family to mingle and meet one another. But, not everything went smoothly. Shavel’s cousin thinks Quaylon is a smooth talker. And, he isn’t sure he is right for his cousin.

Shavel Moore’s cousin believes it’s only a matter of time before things hit the fan and Quaylon shows his “true colors”. Meanwhile, Quaylon’s relatives don’t like the idea of her getting in the way of bringing Quaylon to Houston. So, there’s definitely a lot of tension underlying the joy of him being a free man.

In addition, both of their mothers got into it on Love After Lockup, too. Both women talked about their “mom vibes” going off. Shavel’s mom believes Quaylon uses her. Meanwhile, Quaylon’s mom believes Shavel tries to bribe her son with gifts – like dangling a carrot in front of him.

Love After Lockup Pair Still Going Strong

With Love After Lockup on a mid-season break, this gives watchers more time to wonder about the fate of current pairs. But, this latest update from Shavel Moore is a major spoiler in terms of her current relationship status. Usually, WEtv likes to keep things like this under wraps until current content airs. But, it seems Shavel jumped the gun a little too early.

On the other hand, this is good news for any Love After Lockup fans rooting for this pair. Meanwhile, many watchers congratulated the couple on their relationship milestone. And, it looks like they aren’t slowing down anytime soon.

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