‘Love After Lockup’: Quaylon Gets Fresh Makeover in Deleted Scene

Love After Lockup deleted scenes show Quaylon getting a makeover fresh out of prison. Shavel Moore wants to pamper her lockup lover. And, he gets a new look thanks to one of her friends who is a stylist. Quaylon gets ready for his welcome home party in style in the extra clip.

Love After Lockup: Quaylon Gets Post-Prison Makeover

Love After Lockup added content shows Quaylon before his makeover. Shavel Moore sets it up for her inmate boyfriend. And, he has a full head of long hair to tame. Quaylon says that “appearance is everything.” So, for him, having these new clothes and getting his hair taken care of is a big deal, especially after 12 years behind bars.

In his words, Quaylon says all of these things make him feel like “money.” And, that it feels good. Since he went into the clink at 17, Shavel Moore’s boyfriend missed out on a lot of growing up. So, he definitely makes up for lost time now that he’s out. And, he looks and feels much better now that he’s a free man.

Quaylon says in Love After Lockup extra scenes that getting his hair done feels “hella good.” Getting a fresh look is a big part of transitioning to life on the outside for WEtv convicts. And, Quaylon is the latest cast member to do that on the show.

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Shavel More - Quaylon

Quaylon Appreciates the Finer Things

Meanwhile, Quaylon’s taste for the finer things in life continues off-camera, too. It seems the Love After Lockup cast member ran with that since getting out of prison. He often shares updates online with fresh looks. And, he even showed off a Rolex recently. It’s possible it could be a knock-off. But, he definitely shows off his bling.

Meanwhile, along with showing off his jewelry, he takes pics in front of cars and motorcycles. And, it looks like he has a job, too. So, despite spending so long in jail, it seems he really has his life together off-camera.

Added to that, he gets a lot of attention from female Love After Lockup fans. It seems his grill, bling, and other things attract a lot of female attention. And, after being behind bars so long, the extra attention likely feels good. But, whether or not that impacts his relationship with Shavel Moore is a big question.

Shavel Moore & ‘Love After Lockup’ Boyfriend Still Together?

One of the questions Love After Lockup watchers have is whether TLC’s Quaylon and Shavel are still together. One of the things working against the pair is the drama between the families—especially when it comes to where the pair will live. Quaylon’s family wants him to live in Houston. Meanwhile, Shavel wants him to stay in Kansas City with her and her daughter.

His relatives don’t want him to feel obligated over the Shavel situation. She does a lot for him. But, his sister and mother don’t want him to be tied down by that. Meanwhile, it’s possible things will change in their relationship now that he’s a free man. And, the extra attention from other ladies certainly adds more drama to the situation. It’s likely WEtv won’t confirm anything until current episodes air. But, this is a situation to watch.

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