‘Love After Lockup’ Spoilers: Destinie Assaults Shawn Osborne and More Drama?

Love After Lockup spoilers for the midseason wrap-up tease some major drama for the current pairs – including Destinie Folsom and Shawn Osborne coming to blows. Meanwhile, a lot of tension comes to a head in each WEtv storyline. What else do the latest teasers reveal?

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Lindsey Downs Has News for Scott

Love After Lockup spoilers say Lindsey Downs has news for Scott in the midseason finale. Things hit the fan for the pair when Lindsey wasn’t on the flight she was supposed to be on. And, this sent Scott scrambling to find the love of his life. Meanwhile, Lindsey says she has “news”. But, WEtv leaves watchers with a cliffhanger.

Love After Lockup spoilers also show the long-awaited reunion between Heather and Dylan. After five years of dating Dylan behind bars, he finally gets released. Meanwhile, Heather is worried about their connection and whether it’ll translate on the outside.

Love After Lockup: Cast

Maurice Sits Down with Jessica Gipson’s Father

Maurice meeting Jessica Gipson’s family is a major part of their storyline this season. Whether or not they accept him is crucial for their relationship. And, Love After Lockup spoilers tease that first meeting between Maurice and Jessica’s father. Jessica’s father says “hell’s gonna come down if something happens”. So, it’s possible Maurice doesn’t make a good first impression.

Meanwhile, Love After Lockup spoilers say things don’t look good for Tyrice and Chanda, either. Tyrice’s kids think Chanda uses their father for his money. As an engineer, he is financially stable. But, it looks like Chanda cuts right to the chase. She asks him point-blank if he will send her more money. And, whether or not she uses him for cash is a big question surrounding this pair.

When it comes to Shavel Moore and Quaylon, where they live is a major sticking point in their storyline. His family wants him to come back with them to Houston, Texas. But, Shavel Moore wants Quaylon to stay with her and her daughter in Kansas City. Meanwhile, it seems he told both his mother and Shavel what they wanted to hear. So, he has a decision to make in terms of where he lives.

Love After Lockup: Destinie Folsom Punches Shawn Osborne in the Face?

Love After Lockup spoilers also show Kristianna Roth in cuffs again. Police pick her up for 2nd degree burglary. So, the honeymoon with new husband, John Miller didn’t last long. Meanwhile, because she was on probation at the time, she will likely be back behind bars a long time. And, based on Love After Lockup spoilers, viewers will see what led to her most recent arrest.

Love After Lockup advanced clips for the midseason finale also report Destinie Folsom getting physical with Shawn Osborne – and not in the way he’d like. Even though Destinie just got out of prison in current episodes, there’s already a lot of tension for the pair. Destinie wants Shawn to spoil her and frequently asks for more money. Meanwhile, Shawn is cash-strapped supporting Destinie and his six kids. And, spoilers show Destinie Folsom punching Shawn in the face.

Each Love After Lockup storyline hits a crucial point in the midseason-ender. And, a lot of things hit the fan for the WEtv couples. Meanwhile, which relationships last and which ones fall apart is a major question as additional stress puts even more strain on this season’s relationships. Moreover, WEtv teases a lot of cliffhangers heading into this upcoming break as well.

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