‘Love after Lockup’ Spoilers: Shavel Loses it – Quaylon Arrested?

Love After Lockup spoilers show us Shavel Moore seems to be on top of the world with Quaylon. Then, she snaps, and the police show up on WEtv’s Life After Lockup.  

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Shavel Moore & Quaylon Reunite

New Love After Lockup spoilers see Shavel Moore ready to walk down the aisle soon. The latest preview has her trying on wedding gowns. Shavel looks happy as can be. Plus, Quaylon recently revealed that he would do anything to get Shavel and her little girl Mielah back.

Quaylon knows how much Shavel Moore wants to get married. So, he may propose to her and suggest they wed as soon as possible to get her back.

It looks like Quaylon may win Shavel Moore over because she starts planning a wedding. However, it also seems like things go sideways soon on Love After Lockup.

Things Take a Wrong Turn – Shavel Flips

Coming up on Love After Lockup, Shavel Moore freaks out in what looks to be a motel hallway. It seems like she tries to break up a fight between Quaylon and another man. The other guy may very well be her cousin DMark.

DMark is dead-set against Shavel taking Quaylon back. Then, she demands that the cameramen stop filming immediately. Both Quaylon and DMark have criminal backgrounds. And neither seems like the type to back down.

So, something serious may go down with them, forcing Shavel to get involved. If Quaylon gets in any trouble, he could go back to prison. So, that may be why she steps in. However, things get worse when the police show up at her house on Love After Lockup.

Police Involved – Love After Lockup

Soon, on Love After Lockup, things take a turn for the worst with Shavel Moore and Quaylon. Shavel tries to talk to Quaylon, but he rebuffs her. Then, the police show up, and she is extremely distraught. She says she can’t believe Quaylon is putting her through this.

She also says, “How dare you do this to me?” So, Quaylon may get cold feet about the wedding and decide to back out last minute. That would surely crush Shavel. Or, Quaylon may end up getting arrested and be on his way back to prison. Of course, this will destroy her.

And she may not wait for him a second time around. She may finally reach her limit with Quaylon. Catch the all-new Life After Lockup to see Shaver Moore reach her breaking point on the WEtv reality series.

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